Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 105

This was my table this morning.
You can see my canvas peeking
under my journal.
This is how I left my canvas last night.
I removed the lace and fabric embellishments
on her veil because it looked tacky!
And that's why there are all those white spots.
I was so dismayed I went to sleep
without fixing it!
And my reading today is from Acts 20.
St. Paul was preaching before he left on
a ship, that we should help the weak.
And who are the weak?
The poor, the sick, the widows and
orphans. The inmates in jail,
those who have no voice.

Join Julia and the gang
for a lot of peeking at work desks and
projects! Two years old and
going strong!!


  1. I love the colors on your canvas. What are you going to do with it now? I still like it very much, it is so beautiful.

  2. grea workpace, lots of goodies to play with, Thank you for sharing your great workspace, happy WOYWW 105, #22

  3. Fabulous artwork there I love the bird and the colours you have used. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (no. 31)

  4. can't wait to see how you progress with your new canvas...i like your bird...greetings from a cold SA this morning..

  5. What gorgeous canvas! :) Happy WOYWW!

  6. Love the colours on your canvas.

  7. I like the marks the the lace has left in the photo it looks beautiful. I adore your journal, having not been journaling long I really love that you have one dedicated to scripture. I am going to a anniversary of the King James Bible on Saturday 400yrs Thank you for sharing ;0)Dxx

  8. Beautiful journal page. The canvas is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #50

  9. Your canvas is gorgeous, the colours and the textures.
    Thank you for sharing
    Alicia.R. (55)

  10. In the photograph the lace marks look natural and fine. Sometimes removing somehting leaves a good effect.

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  12. Another beautiful canvas, thank you for sharing.
    Kathleen x

  13. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I just discovered your blog today! When God causes something special to come into my path I lovingly call it a nugget! You are my nugget today! Also for some reason blogger has been challenging with comments so I am commenting under anonymous.

  14. You really do create some beautiful ... and also thought provoking images

  15. Your canvas is lovely - I thought that the white bits were intentional. Maybe you need to step back and see it from where we are? Sometimes, I feel that if something feels wrong with something I'm doing, looking at a photo of it removes me from it personally and I can analyse it to correct it.... Works every time! Thanks for stopping by today...

  16. Hi Patsy
    beautiful art works as always,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  17. Stunning creativity and them both. Fabulous background on the first one.
    Have a good WOYWW,
    Sarah at 7

  18. I'm in love with your canvas......simply beautiful!!!

  19. Love your desk!!
    Happy WOYWW 105.
    Hugs Marleen ;-)

  20. As always it lovely visiting you on WOYWW for all the love and beauty there.
    JoZarty x

  21. Doing great on your canvas. Didn't really notice the white until you pointed it out. Have a great week. #100

  22. Anonymous3:34 AM

    You blog always makes me think and your art work is always stunning.
    x Tricia (39)

  23. Lovely sentiments on your work Patsy. Beautiful artwork as usual.

  24. Lovely artwork once again, you must have sooo many beautiful projects. Happy WOYWW

  25. Thanks for sharing - wonderful work. Did you create the "Acts" piece too? It's really sweet!

  26. Gorgeous Canvas, I thought the white spaces were intentional. It looks great BTW
    Keep smiling and creating

  27. Your canvas is gorgeous!!

  28. What a fab desk for the start of the 3rd year of WOYWW.

    Beautiful work!

    Happy Crafting!

  29. Love your canvas and always find your journaling very inspiring!
    Happy WOYWQW

  30. I love your work! Love, love, love!

  31. Oh I'm so glad you found my blog bc then I found yours and I just Love it!!! Thank you for the inspiring posts and your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

  32. I love your artwork! You were chosen to be featured on this weeks scrappy saturday! Hope to see you back for more linkups and feel free to brag :)

  33. The canvas is so inspiring!


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