Friday, February 22, 2013

PPF: Who do You Say that I AM?

Ever since I joined Paint Party Friday,
Fridays seem to be coming along more quickly!

After drawing Queen Esther
knocking on God's door,
I traced her on to one of my backgrounds
and started painting over.

I always start with flesh acrylic paint.

"" Mt. 7:7
Queen Esther's prayer in the Book of Esther
is beautiful, 
but I have one complaint.

"From birth, I have heard among my people
that you, O Lord,
chose Israel among all nations,
as a lasting inheritance,
and that you fulfilled all your promises to them,"
she prayed.
Should not she have had personal experience
of God answering her prayers 
and keeping His promises?

"Who do you say that I am?'
Jesus asked Peter in Matthew 16:15.
If we have a personal, growing
relationship with Jesus,
we would be able to pray,
"You chose me among all
to be Your beloved!
To be the apple of Your eye!
Thank you for answering my prayers
and for keeping Your promises to me!!!"

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
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and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose,
Visit her blog to see her
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and other experiments
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  1. beautiful pieces today! Congrats to Gloria!

  2. Your queen Ester could not be more timely for the Jewish holiday of Purium this season. She is lovely!

  3. Such sweet faces, very expressive. Love Queen Esther´s dress. :)

  4. this is terrific, love how you choose the Bible phrases and paint. Blessings, Janet PPF

  5. Beautiful paintings, i love the idea of tracing Queen Esther onto different backgrounds! HPPF

  6. I love Queen Esther especially. Happy PPF!

  7. Wow, so beautiful. You made a beautiful Jewish Queen Esther.

  8. Lovely pages with a beautiful message. HPPF!

  9. The Queen Esther story is one of my favorites. Love your beautiful work. Happy PPF!

  10. Love your Queen Esther, so sweet.

  11. Lovely, your backgrounds add such depth and interest to the beautiful characters! <3

  12. I know what you mean about Fridays - I guess it's one way of being accountable and working at your art. I know it works that way for me. Queen Esther is beautiful. As always I love that your faith and your art are so intermingled. HPPF

  13. The first thing that came to my mind, Patsy, is that Esther (just like Mary the mother of Jesus, and all other women of the Bible), while they were used of God...they had their own faults and weaknesses. They were imperfect just like you and me! Yet, God was able to use them in a mighty way, just like He is able to use US! Praise God that He can take us, just as we are, and raise us up to do things for HIS precious Kingdom. THanks for sharing this with us.
    Word Art Wednesday

  14. congratulations Gloria. Loving your latest creations, beautiful as always. Happy PPF, Annette xx

  15. That's Gorgeous, Patsy. With a capital G.

  16. Fridays do seem to come around sooner and sooner don't they... but I do like getting a moment to visit your lovely words and images... xx

  17. Good Gracious Patsy, did you do all those! WOW!!!! I am in awe. I can't even color inside the lines! What talent God has given you.

  18. Beautiful works as yours always are, Patsy. I love the story of Esther and your painting is wonderful.

  19. The story of Ester is one of my favorites! I love the 2 paintings and the verses too!xoxo

  20. Queen Esther is lovely. Very nice work Patsy. Time does go by fast when you are having fun.:) Thanks.

  21. these are both beautiful.

  22. Beautiful creations as always ~ delightful! ^_^

  23. Yes, Fridays seem to whizz round at the speed of light. love your paintings.. :)

  24. Great textures you use! Awesome!

  25. I really like how your ask, seek, knock turned out. Very lovely!! :)

  26. As always, you amazed me with your talent. I love the one with the Asian touch. So glad you blessed us with your wonderful project this week at Word Art Wednesday. Big hugs, always!

    JO ANN


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