Thursday, July 06, 2017

Faith more Precious than Gold

"God Himself will provide the sheep for the holocaust." Genesis 22:8

Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his precious son as a burnt offering. Of all the tests in the Bible, this is the hardest! I cannot imagine myself passing this test, ever! Even if I know that obedience to God brings blessing all the time. But I do not have to worry about this test, God has given me enough to think about. All of life is a test when you think about it. It is a test of patience when we have to go through horrendous traffic, or we have a friend who keeps promising but never delivers. Our character is formed, developed and revealed by continuous tests. Like Abraham, we can be tested whether we trust God or if we prefer to act on our own power and wisdom. Like Joseph, we can be tempted by worldly things. Psalm 105:19 says that the Lord tested Joseph's character until the time came to fulfill his dreams. In Proverbs 17:3, we read that the Lord tests hearts. Sometimes God even withdraws from us like He withdrew from Mother Teresa, plunging her into a prolonged darkness. In 2 Chronicles 32:31, we read of Hezekiah. God withdrew from him in order to test him and see what was really in his heart. 

What kind of test is God putting us through today? 1 Peter 1:4-9 tells us that our faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. "God has reserved a priceless inheritance for His children. It is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay....So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though it is necessary for you to endure many trials for a while." 

Lord, thank You for all Your promises. I know that You help us through our tests and trials, like You helped Abraham and provided a lamb in place of Isaac!

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