Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Better Portion

"One thing only is required." Luke 10:42

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Martha, she who is best remembered for receiving a gentle rebuke from Jesus. I am sure I would have received the same in her place, and if I listen hard enough, I am sure God would want to remind me again and again: "Choose the better portion." 

We do not know what we are missing if we do not choose the better part of listening to Him, giving Him the most important space and time in our life. He can make things happen in our life we can only dream of. 

My family and I are now in Tokyo. We came for a Handmade in Japan fair to get ideas for our gift and decor business. We also came to visit my sister Tina who lives here in the outskirts of Tokyo, more than an hour by train and bus. My dad is 90 years old, and since he fell in April, has a difficulty in walking. We ambitiously planned to visit Tina at her home in Akishima on Thursday. Since we knew it would be too expensive to bring my dad there in a taxi, we scouted around the train station on Wednesday for wheelchair access or at least an escalator. We prayed for good weather, and that we find the right train to bring us. We even asked God to change the layout of the station so daddy would not have too much trouble! On Thursday, God showed us His favor. The weather was perfect, cloudy but NOT rainy. We were able to ride the rapid train with no hitches. AND daddy was able to climb 3 floors up to Tina's apartment with no trouble!!! If we do not attempt the seemingly impossible, and ask God to make a way, we will not see His hand.  

Father, may we seek Your face morning, noon and night. May we see Your favor as we yearn for the best portion of Your company each day. 

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