Monday, July 03, 2017

The Capstone

"...with Jesus Christ as the capstone." Ephesians 2:20

In my other Bible, it reads, "corner stone". It may also be called a foundation stone. It is supposedly the first stone set in place when a building foundation is constructed. All other stones will be placed in reference to this stone. 

When we are part of God's household, "fellow citizens with the Saints" as Saint Paul calls us, we are part of this building, a holy temple. We are one of the stones, built upon the apostles, the saints, the martyrs who spilled their blood for the Lord, the nameless faithful who persevered and ran the race to the finish line. 

Jesus is the cornerstone, the standard by which we must live our life. I like playing Jenga where you tap and pull out wooden pieces and hope the tower of blocks doesn't fall. We usually choose blocks nearer the top, and never do we choose to remove a block from the bottommost layer or the whole structure will fall. Without Jesus as the cornerstone, the yardstick, the model, the whole Church would topple. But we need to do our part as well. We wouldn't want to be the wobbly stone that is easily tapped and removed! 

Lord, may we learn to follow You faithfully so we may be part of Your holy temple. May we not be shaken with any tempest or storm but remain steadfast, always looking to You as our model. 

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