Friday, July 07, 2017

Your Heart, Your Eyes

"What reason can the teacher have for eating with tax collectors and those who disregard the law?" 
Matthew 9:11

The Pharisees always had something to say about Jesus. This time, after Jesus called the tax collector Matthew to follow him, Jesus was at Matthew's house, eating and talking with other tax collectors and sinners. The Pharisees were critical of this. I can imagine them shaking their heads and frowning. 

Jesus overheard them, just as he hears every unjust, self-righteous, critical thing I've said or even thought! "People in good health do not need a doctor," Jesus explained, "sick people do...I have come to call, not the righteous but sinners."

Lord, may I learn to have Your heart, Your eyes, to love as You love. May I not easily judge others, and be critical of them. May I see like You, what they can become, a saint like Matthew! May I build relationships and not destroy. May I encourage and not discourage. 

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