Saturday, July 15, 2017

Not a Single Sparrow

I've been happily altering earrings. I bought some really cheap ones in Divisoria (P10 equivalent to 20 cents U$), and sewed some sequins and fabric on it. 

You can see the unaltered ones at the base. It's really addicting! 

"Not a single sparrow falls to the ground without Your Father's consent." Matthew 10:29

Not a strand of hair on our head falls without God knowing because it says in the following verse that every strand is counted! In Psalm 56:8, it says that God keeps track of every sorrow. "You have collected all my tears in Your bottle, and have recorded each one in Your book." 

A lot of people don't believe in a loving God because of all the misery and terrors of the world. How can a loving God allow a young baby to be sodomized? Even I who am not good would stop it if I could. Why would a faithful God permit little babies in a womb to be dismembered and torn apart? Fanatics bomb in the name of Allah? Does God care? 

God loves us all so much that He gave us free will. He didn't want robots who would always do what He wanted them to do. He wanted free men who would freely give love, and make the effort to be faithful and good and kind. He nurtured a relationship with a few men at first, then a family, a tribe, a nation. He made sure that those who wanted to know Him would have a way, by reading His words, by listening and talking to Him. He even sacrificed His son so we could have His righteousness and know His truth from His Son's mouth. 

But men insist on their own way, making laws with their own wisdom, running countries in their own distorted intelligence, solving problems by creating more. Actually, the world would be a much worse place if God did not keep a reign on evil. The Holy Spirit in God's people is the reason evil is not that free.  

Lord, have mercy on us. Many things trouble us. Help us to remember that we are Your people, You love us and protect us. Enkindle in us Your Spirit that we may keep evil at bay wherever we are! Heal our land and bring Your peace to our hearts. 


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