Saturday, October 19, 2019

Empty Hands

“Abraham believed, hoping against hope...” Romans 4:18

Abraham is our father in the faith, and we can look to him as our example, if we want to be overshadowed by blessing. We see that as with Abraham, blessing does not come without a letting go, without some hardship and sacrifice. Father Abraham had to leave his homeland, Ur Kaśdim in Mesopotamia, to go on a journey with God. He had to give up what was familiar and comfortable for an adventure with an unknown middle and ending. 

Sometimes we have to empty our hands if we want to receive a blessing. I am reminded of how people in many parts of the world trap monkeys. They bore a hole in an empty coconut just big enough for a monkey’s fist. Then they bore smaller holes to tie the coconut to a tree trunk. After putting fruit, rice or peanuts inside the coconut, they wait for a monkey to put his paw inside. With his paw full of food, the monkey cannot remove it from the coconut. What it is not aware of is, if he only lets go of the food he wants so much, he will regain his freedom. 

Sometimes we too do not realize that something we want, or are so comfortable with, is the one holding us back. I am thinking: what should I let go of, so I can receive more blessing in my empty hands? 

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