Friday, March 16, 2012

Paint Party Friday: Listen!

Just a short post today
cause I spent so much time figuring out 
what picnik wanted me to do!
I gave up and tried another online editing site- Phixr.
If you find one you like using, please tell me!!!!
Here's my work in progress.
No title yet but something about how 
what we are thinking and saying 
colors our world.
Right now, in spite of some challenges,
my world is so bright and beautiful!
And on my journal, a verse from Jeremiah7:
"LISTEN to my voice;
then I will be your God and 
you shall be my people.
Walk in all the ways that I command you
so that you may prosper."

Isn't it amazing that God wants the best for us 
that He left us a whole lot of instructions?
It's a very detailed guidebook on how
we should live our life so that we will
be happy, peaceful and joyful!
He doesn't promise no problems,
but He does promise He will walk with us!

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  1. Nabasa ko blog mo through spanis pinay. And when I read your blog, I totally feel in love with you r personality. I found out that we shared a lot in common. Like faith in God and serving Him and being crafty. Parang soul mate. he he. hope we can keep in touch. gonna follow you!

  2. Lovely work with cheerful girls. Nice!

  3. You are very talented. What a gift you have! I wish I could paint like that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Patsy is that a canvas in your first picture, it's stunning I love all the beautiful colours. Your journal is fab too. Great words and beautiful picture.
    Happy crafting, hugs,

  5. Loving your canvas, its gorgeous and so are your beautiful journal pages. Happy PPF and have a great weekend, Annette x

  6. I love the canvas! I love the way it connotes positivism with the way flowers and the birds and how the girl looks upward with full of hopes. Inspiring as usual!

    Spanish Pinay

  7. Patsy, thank you for your faithfulness in posting to Scripture Thursday. Your art work beautifully portrays the word of God and your heart for him. Thanks again for all that you share here, you are a blessing. ~ Abby

  8. Just lovely. Your WIP is coming along nicely. So much colour. Glorious!!

  9. Both lovely creations ~ very different yet love them both ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  10. Really love your WIP...she definitely appears to be listening intently to that beautiful background.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. Your work is lovely!
    I love your journal page and the top painting
    just is so filled with spring like JOY!
    happy PPF

  12. Wonderful journal page and your painting WIP is looking beautifully colourful so far!

  13. Your work in progress is precious, might be called "waiting for the summer". Saludos

  14. Love the work in progress. Love the colors.

  15. Beautiful WIP! I use Piknik a lot because I use Picasa. My only problem is that it can be slow before I resize the photo (but I like it that the resize feature is easy to do).

  16. Love the artwork. :)

  17. Wonderful work! I've used Picnik and loved it. Since they are closing, I've tried ipiccy, and it's close to how Picnik edited. I've also used Picasa, Irfanview. I hope you find one that makes you happy!

  18. What beautiful colors!

  19. Beautiful work, love the colors and the richness of the painting! <3

  20. Beautiful, Patsy! I agree--I'm so glad God left us those instructions! :)

  21. Your world is bright and beautiful INDEED!

  22. I LOVE IT!! Awesome awesome!

    And I am bummed about picnik too... wish I had another to recommend.

  23. Wonderful work Patsy, you are so talented! tfs, much love Jennibellie xx

  24. I'm always blessed when I come visit you. You have such a gift from God in both your artwork and your attitude.

  25. Beautiful work Patsy - it's progressing well! Look forward to the title! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Don't hold your breath over the Choc-a-Bloc project - it may end in total failure! It's highly experimental, but we shall see!


  26. Lovely paintings. Your work is always filled with such joy and peace.

  27. These are beautiful, Patsy. The first one is really great. Love it alot. :)

  28. Beautiful as always, very peaceful and inspiring!

  29. Love the colors in that first piece! Beautiful. And a great journal page. It is *wonderful* that He left us with all of those instructions!! :)

  30. Ooh! I love the painting with all the flowers!! Beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing!!

  31. lovely work! i have been very happy with picasa for photo editing and thry just did an upgrade and added some very cool features...picasa 3.9 there are also some helpful beginner vids on you tube on how to use picasa...

  32. Beautiful work Patsy! I love all those gorgeous colors. :)

  33. Hi Patsy thanks for getting back to me. Your canvas is stunning I love all your colours.
    Have fun crafting, hugs, Erika. x


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