Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WOYWW: Trusting God

My desk is an L-shape.
Two desks jammed together.
With lots of drawers and plastic boxes 
stuck underneath.
On the foreground, you can see a pile
of bookpaper that I painted
wall putty on, in preparation
of our next "Crafternoon"
next month.

Monday's journal:
one of my very favorite verses.
"Nothing will be impossible for God."
Luke 1:37

Tuesday's journal:
From John 8:28,
"when you lift up the Son of man,
then you will realize that I AM."

And from today's Journal page:
Daniel 3:28,
"Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach
and Abednego, who sent his angel
to deliver the servants that trusted in Him..."

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
were thrown into the furnace
after they refused to worship the
statue of Nebuchadnezzar,
the king of almost the entire world.
But when they were inside the 
furnace, there was an angel with them,
and they did not get burned or harmed!

Sometimes we find ourselves
in a furnace, a challenging situation.
Do we trust God and believe he is with us?

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. Always a hive of activity, and your always so productive, great art as always
    Happy Woyww'ing
    Minxy #11

  2. You really DO have a lot going on. I see piles and piles of art and goodness. Such beautiful pages in your art journal, too. Happy WOYWW from #3, which is easy to type.

  3. i love the lace of Mama Mary's dress!!!

  4. Okay, not sure where my comment went, it just disappeared in the middle of typing! Your pages are perfect for Word Art Wednesday, but hmm, maybe I suggested that to you last week?

    Lovely work, Patsy!


  5. Love your journal pages, they are always so beautifully done and that's quite a pile you have on the desk there!! Annette #22

  6. Hi Patsy,

    Your desk makes me feel so much better! My dining room table has become heaped up with all kinds of craftiness!

    Your paintings are always inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


  7. That looks like a lot of creative fun happening on your desk, beautiful journal pages too. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Love your L shaped desk, and great journalling as ever. Have a great day, Helen #9

  9. You're always sooo busy :) I wonder what else do you get yourself busy with? Thanks for the wednesday inspiration as always.

    Spanish Pinay

  10. Fab L desk with lots going on, love your journal pages so full of meaning and colour. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  11. Your journal makes me smile.

  12. Beautiful journal pages as always!! so lovely.. have a blessed week, Hugs May x x x No14

  13. Lots going on and a very full desk. Beautiful colours on your journal pages. Suzanne desk 90

  14. always fabulous art work to be found here! Love all that paint!Thanks for my snoop, blogger is being a pain this morning, but I hope to beat it!
    Have a great crafting week. HaPpY wOyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) #19 now!

  15. Oh Patsy - stunning artwork as expected when I visit your blog. I'd love to sift through all the piles on your desk - I bet there is some beautiful stuff in there.

    Thank you for the chance to look at your workspace on this lovely spring day,

    Happy and sunny WOYWW 147

    Paula (#51) xxx

  16. i love the story of shadrach, meshach and abednego. it's so powerful!

    great artwork too.

  17. What an interesting desk. Very creative with lots going on. Your painting are beautiful. Have a nice week. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx

  18. I so love your beautiful and inspirational journal pages. Thanks for sharing them each week. dani42

  19. Gorgeous art work, your journal pages are always amazing, they are all beautiful :)

    Take care and have a fab WOYWW, Luv Karen xx #91

  20. love the journal pages. So bright and inspiring! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #138

  21. creative looking desk,have a great week :)

  22. Anonymous12:50 AM

    wow, lots going on here, beautiful spot for creating lovely verse as well.

  23. I always love your journal truly make scripture come to life!

  24. Such lovely work as usual. have a great week. x Jo

  25. Beautiful artwork and yes, when in the furnace we must cry out to Jesus! Have a wonderful day!

  26. Loving the look of your crafty space and enjoying your faith in paint!!!! Have a great week and thanks for the peek! Sarah (at 1)

  27. Hi Patsy - always lovely visiting over here. So creative and joyful. And always lovely to see you on Winsome Wednesday :)
    God bless

  28. What a lovely post Patsy. Your paintings are wonderful and I think it's great that you combine them with your faith.

    Thanks for already visiting my desk this week:)
    WoYwW # 3

  29. Inspiring words as always Patsy and what a lovely shape you have to work on.
    Hugs, Neet #5 (who has candy on her blog) xx

  30. Gorgeous journalling, stunning artwork x
    Sophie no.183


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