Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW: Pass it on!

Whoa! Serious disaster zone! 
Caution! caution! Do NOT cross this yellow line! 
Work in progress: Bloom! 
Another work in progress 
(no name yet, because I have
no idea what it will look like in the end!)
I am just making marks on the background.
My dad says if you have an interesting background,
half your painting is made!

I have a new journal and 
my pages aren't brown anymore.
Makes a nice change I think! 
I bought several little sketch pads, 
removed the covers and 
sewed it on a piece of leather I cut
from an old dress I found in an ukay ukay 
(that's filipino for vintage!)

And here's what's on my journal for today:
a verse from Deuteronomy 4:
"However, take care and be earnestly
on your guard not to forget
the things your own eyes have seen,
nor let them slip from  your memory
as long as you live,

How important it is to pass on to our children
what we have learned! 
If we don't, it is like we have a treasure
that we don't share with them,
but just keep to ourselves! 

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. Hi Patsy! If disasters all turn out to be a beautiful piece of art work, then my perceptions over disasters might change :)

    I love your journal and the message it reminds me

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Love the wording "be earnestly on your guard not to forget..." -- Beautiful picture! :)

  3. I always love your inspires and moves me!

  4. great looking desk and I love all your painting you shared! Have fun with your new journal! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #4

  5. 'bloom' is fabulous and so is the wip! have a great week - hope you find the bottom of that pile on your desk sometime.... Helen 7

  6. Hi there; just thought I'd pop my head in to say hi! Beautiful work and work in progress as always, always an encouraging visit!
    Neil #8

  7. I would love to have that kind of disaster in my desk right now! :) with the gift of creativity and inspiration to tag along, please :)

    Spanish Pinay

  8. Very busy desk, I just love your art work! Have fun with your new journal, Hugs May x x x

  9. Love your well used desk! Your paintings are beautiful. Have a great rest of the week creating. xx

  10. I wouldn't mind a bit of your kind of 'disaster' your canvases are stunning, so bright and colourful they make me smile.
    Ann B

  11. Lovely work going on here! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm so happy to see that someone else's creative space looks a lot like mine! Your artwork is so inspiring - a true gift! -diane

  13. I see the beginnings of some lovely pages.

  14. Uhm, how come your "disaster" looks so artsy while mine is just a pile of 8-1/2 x 11 papers? If I'm brave I'd take a picture of my desk and post it on my blog. Alas, I'm not. :)
    (Thanks for visiting the other day, by the way.)

  15. From chaos grows beauty. I love the unnamed piece - something about her hair falling in her face (vs. the neat and tidy look like "Bloom"... which is also quite nice).

    Susan #114

  16. Oh I know all about that yellow line LOL! great new journal and I love the drawing you have done in it too.

  17. Beautiful artwork as usual. I try to pass on my knowledge but isn't it funny how we all seem to learn best by making mistakes!! x Jo

  18. Lots of fab colour going on, great pages & works. Take care, enjoy snooping around the wonderful desks & enjoy this WOYWW. Zo xx 33

  19. Quickly watching all those lovely desks!!
    Have a happy WOYWW Wednesday :)))
    Watch mine too, I've an awesome announcement on my BLOG(click)
    Hugs Marleen ;-)

  20. Like myself my desk finds itself like yours far too often. Love your work, beautiful.

  21. Wow! That is my kinda workspace :)

  22. I love your work very inspiring!
    Have a fun WOYWW.

  23. Beautiful art! Great colors in those photos.

  24. I love the idea of a yellow line in my studio but I love your work even more

  25. great workspace so many fab bits going on thanks for sharing :)

    Becky x

  26. love coming in here, so colourful and so much going on

    thanks for the snoop
    Judie xx

  27. so many vibrant colours, love it, have a great week,x

  28. Loving all of your pieces of work, Patsy. Well done. Disaster zone? Well, that's up to you! hee hee and hey...look at the mega roll of scotch tape. haha :)

  29. I'm so glad you could find your WIPs in that pile up...LOL...cause they are absolutely delightful! I'm so glad the tins made it ...yay! Happy WOYWW! Robin Panzer Art Studio 33 #129

  30. Your journal is wonderful.

  31. Hi Patsy - love your work in progress. And your journal. Thanks for linking up. Your creativity is always something I enjoy seeing!
    God bless

  32. Patsy, your work is gorgeous, as usual! Beautiful, beautiful canvases, and I love your new leather journal. So creative...

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #173

  33. i love that verse! it's etched in my heart. sometimes, because i am zealous about the treasure i found, i overwhelm them. i need to be careful to share with caution knowing that an important thing about treasure is finding rather than shoving.

  34. How late am I?!
    Love the look of your desk actually, loaded with colour and telling the tale of your inspiration! More than one piece at a time is a skill!

  35. That's a lot of color and creativity. Love your paintings! Barb #90

  36. I'm having a terrible time getting Blogger to cooperate with me. Sorry I'm late. I really LOVE all that color on your desk. And the gal on my bookcase is my best friend's daughter. She's my heart!


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