Monday, August 13, 2012

Ezekiel with Dreadlocks!

This morning I read about Ezekiel's vision of
God's throne room in Ezekiel Chapter 1.
From the background above, I had to find Ezekiel 
and I found him!
I didn't know Ezekiel had dreadlocks!

"As the appearance of a 
rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day,
so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance.
Such was the appearance
of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.
And when I saw it, 
I fell on my face...."
Ezekiel 1:28

I don't think we can ever imagine how glorious, 
how awesome God's throne room,
much less God is! 
But in Ezekiel's description
we catch a glimpse
of how we will just fall before God's magnificence.

"If you have faith the size of a mustard seed,
you will say to this mountain, 'Move!'
and it will move!" Matthew 17:20

Faith is a gift from God
and in this verse we see how 
awesome this gift is!
If we see with the eyes of faith,
we will see miracles
and get a glimpse of God's throne room!

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This week I will send Natasha of Define Your Joy
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Visit Natasha to see her paintings 
bursting with joyous colors!

I love blog parties!
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  1. Hey :) Your blog is full of your interesting art works. I also do art :)Have a wonderful day, good to know you !

  2. However do you do that? Finding Ezekiel in the background. Amazes me. Ezekiel's description is even more amazing. I'm thankful we don't have to have faith the size of a peach seed. God takes our little mustard seed faith and does the miraculous. What a mighty God we serve!

  3. I love how you found Ezekiel upon the impression left with your paints. It is so amazing. Those are God impressions. With dreadlocks? So cool and relevant.

    BTW, may I link with you with my post KNEEL BEFORE THE ALTAR, today? Our posts has some relation.

    Thank you and I wish I could do those impressions too. Have a lovely day, Patsy.

  4. Blessed you my sisters in Christ who share and reveal God's goodness through your posts. ReAlly blessed to get to know you all :)

  5. Because of your reference, I had to go and read Ezekiel 1. See? You were a little blessing there!! Thanks for your visit.


  6. Beautiful work as always! THanks for adding it to the inspire me monday blog hop
    ATA Girls (steampunk Egg)
    Treasuring Grace (God Speaks)

  7. Beautiful post, and I love your art work and use of colors! This is my first time visiting you and I love the combo of your art and message. :)

  8. Your blog is so beautifully creative.

  9. I knew I loved dreads for a reason. :) I even wrote about it recently on my blog.


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