Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOYWW: Psalm 23

This is my desk as I left it last night.
I was having a LOT of fun making backgrounds
while watching The Mummy on HBO.

A closer look at the "tools" I was using.

Bubble wrap. Those plastic protectors for apples
(whatever are they called?),

and a "stamp" I made from styrofoam.

I chose one of my backgrounds 
because I could see the face of a woman.
It's not very clear though.

But here she is now, emerging like a half formed
butterfly from her cocoon.

"The Lord is my Shepherd,
there is nothing I shall want."
Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved 
Psalms in the Bible.

My pinky finger is sort of numb right now
and when I googled it,
it seems I've got a pinched nerve.
I was just reflecting upon how many 
nerves, arteries, veins, sinews,
organs, etc.
all working quietly, efficiently in our body.
If only one gets pinched, clogged, 
bruised, stops working,
our daily routine would stop just like that!
Just like last December when I ended up
in the hospital because of 
Deep Vein Thrombosis.
We just take these things for granted don't we?
The Lord is my Shepherd
and He takes care of so many things in my life
so that I don't have to!!!!

Thank you to all who visited and 
commented last week.
Every week I choose one of you
to receive a little gift, an ATC from me
in appreciation of your kindness! 

And this week, #46 is
a fellow filipina! 
She can choose from one of the ATCs below.

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. Lovely colourful background and super artwork as usual. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #8 x

  2. Love making backgrounds and yours turned our really good
    Bridget #7

  3. Your back grounds are lovely (as always!) you must have some lovely art work all stacked up out of camera shot! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) #18

  4. That's one of my favorite verses..

    You have such creative hands!

    And hey, my bestfriend got picked, swerte naman! :)

  5. That is amazing the way the image comes out. From beginning to end. Beautiful.

  6. Ooooh, there's so much goodness here! LOVE seeing what you are working on, thank you! xoxo

  7. Winner idea with the bubble wrap Patsy! I love the art and the message that came with it. Hope your finger gets better soon!

  8. I hope your numbing disappears soon. Pinched nerves are not fun.

    As always, your art speaks to me. My husband tells a story where a little girl says, "The Lord is my Shepherd, He's all I want."

  9. Love your backgrounds and your ideas for making them! Happy WOYWW, Helen 19

  10. love the background and those atc's you have made! I don't know what that sleeve for the apple/pear is called but it is more like a stretchy styrofoam right? Interesting stuff. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  11. I love how you make your background papers - so pretty & creative!! I hope your finger feels better soon!

    Jeannie #62

  12. I know something similar to what Pamella mentions: where a little one has to learn Psalm 23 off by heart, only he keeps forgetting it. When it's his turn to recite it, he stands and says "The Lord is MY shepherd, and that's all I need to know!" Amen to that child's wisdom! Lovely artwork on your desk this week. Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.87

  13. Your backgrounds are wonderful and I like that you used things from around the house to decorate them. #25

  14. Lovely and colorful creations here ~ love them ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  15. Love the backgrounds and am fascinated how you used it so beautifully. As usual your journal page is fantastic.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #52

  16. What an amazingly creative desk... so many exciting bits and pieces to play with - gorgeous work coming out of it too! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  17. have a blessed day ! you are a blessing!

  18. Enjoyed your background and watching your work emerge... Have a blessed day!

  19. I like the way you've made your own stamps! That's a very satisfying thing to do :) The artwork is pretty too!
    Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

  20. So many great photos. I really enjoy seeing work in progress, your painting is remarkably beautiful. I am glad I stopped by. #127

  21. I love this. Praying for your finger to heal.

  22. What a gorgeous picture and post! Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. Patsy: You're SO creative, you amaze me! Thanks so much for sharing this with us in Challenge #42 at Word Art Wednesday. We're always so blessed to have you join us.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  24. Hi Patsy,

    Great backgrounds! It's so much fun seeing an ordinary item and then using it to create a beautiful piece of art!

    If it's not too complicated, would you mind emailing me ( and tell me how you did the random generator?

    No photo of my desk this week but there will be photos next week, promise.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #30

  25. Oh your desk looks so interesting and inviting too.

    Eliza #24

  26. I like your work and your lettering. Have you always had such good handwriting? It's lovely!

    Hwee #92

  27. gorgeous coloured backgrounds and I like your reuse of all the things we so often throw away.
    Sandra @95

  28. Lovely backgrounds and great use of packaging too. Happy belated WOYWW. Elizabeth x #105

  29. We certainly have been amazingly made! And I love that your work gives praise.

  30. I lover your color sense!!!

  31. Wow, Patsy! Another beautiful art page!! I always love to see what you create. You are such a talented woman. Thanks so much for inspiring me week after week!

    Thanks so much for sharing your art with us on WAW.

    Have a blessed day!


  32. Patsy, your artwork is beautiful!! You work wonders with common household items. Thanks for blessing us by sharing it at Word Art Wednesday this week.

  33. Oh I love an experiment day. The colors are beautiful. I hope your finger is better soon.
    Katie B #158


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