Friday, August 03, 2012

He is the Potter, We are the Clay

"Like clay in the hand of the potter,
so are you in my hand..." Jer. 18:6
It is reassuring that we are in God's hands.
That even though we are mangled, 
You will mold us and make us beautiful!

I've been making all sorts of things 
out of a clay made out of cornstarch and baking soda.
Some of these faces have cracks in them!
Do I throw them away?
I am planning to make something beautiful with them!
Like what God does with us!
We are all imperfect, defective!
But God does not give up on us! 

"Is He not the carpenter's son?" Matthew 13:55
Jesus was not able to do miracles in His hometown
because the people there dismissed Him
as someone they knew from when He was a child.
Are we too complacent about Jesus?
Do we dismiss Him as someone who is good
but cannot do miracles in our life?
Do we lack faith in Him?
Do we believe He can make our imperfect,
defective lives beautiful because He is the potter
and we are the clay?

Here's another one of my clay projects.
I posted a tutorial on our
papemelroti blog in case you're interested.

Every week I choose one from my 
wonderful visitors who take the time
and trouble to leave a comment,
to receive an ATC or a postcard from me.

This week it is JoDee Luna from 


  1. Patsy - I love those little faces! I have been reminded a lot lately that God loves me - cracks and all!

  2. Oh, love the orange and yellow tones- orange is my fave color. Beautiful clay faces. I love the way you always connect the work of your hands to His work in us and through His word! THank you!

  3. You do some amazing art!!!

    Stopping by from A Pause on the Path Linkup!

  4. I love to be the clay, a clump of clay in the mold. I have cracks and streaks all aver but God will impress beauty everyday as I spend time with Him and with my family, my blogging community and in Church.

    The impression may not yet be discernible. In time, I believe, I will come out of the wheel perfect for the Beloved's eyes and court.

    Thanks for this, Pat. I call my blog Compassion because I have been picked up by compassion from the mire, then I am molded-in-progress at the wheel of the Maker.

    Have a lovely day as you share to us impressions you get out of your creations. I love those abstract BGs from your different tinkering. They are superb... good for your thoughts of the day.

  5. I love the way your spirituality informs your artistic process - lovely paintings as usual, and am completely charmed & impressed by the clay faces!! I need to figure out how to make that

  6. I love your perfect and less than perfect clay works. Lovely potter painting as well. You are having fun, and it shows!

  7. I like how you link your scripture with your sculpture.

  8. Love your clay work...cracks and all, will look forward to seeing what you do with them. And I love your journal spreads! :)

  9. Great journal spread and your little faces. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. I saw your clay beads and pendants the other day and what you have made with it is even more stunning than I imagined! Wow! Can't wait to see where all those faces go in your art!!

  11. I am so interested to see what you will do with those faces. Super work. Happy PPF

  12. Wow your work is lovely. Those tiny faces are really masterful!

  13. Love the necklaces. very nice. Would be fun to wear. love the Woman making pottery too. HPPF. Thanks for your comment too.

  14. ooooo I love the clay faces!! what will you do with them??!

  15. Oh, how I love that first painting and verse, Patsy!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  16. It is reassuring that we are in God's hands! The little clay faces are so sweet! Can not wait to see what you are going to create with them.

  17. I love the fact that I'll never know what I find here: paintings, clay, jewelry, and yes, even cornstarch faces.

    Congrats to JoDee also. How cool to see two friends connect.

  18. Yes, use those faces with cracks in them! My face is getting cracks here and there and I am so glad I'm not being thrown away. Love your site!

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  20. Good thoughts here, expressed in both words and art. Thank you.

  21. I love embracing the imperfections. After all, it's clay and not porcelain, right? Your work is truly uplifting!

  22. Could you come fix some of the cracks in my face? Just kidding. They give it character, right? I so love your heart and how you see and create beauty from what others might just throw away. And thanks for the tutorial. It looks like something I might want to try with the grand girl one day;.

  23. cornstarch and baking soda???? I got to try this with the kids. I love these little faces and what you said about Him taking the mistakes..the broken pieces...the yuck stuff and making it beautiful.

  24. Beautiful, I especially love the hand of Jesus on the women's shoulder...well done!

  25. Really happy having GOd as our pottermaker. I believe too that He can do mighty things through us. Like you, for example. :)

  26. Such an inspiring post!

  27. I LOVE your clayworks!
    and oh what a potter he is:)
    thanks for this beautiful share,

  28. I hope someday I'm a beautiful piece of potter... such as the necklaces, etc. I HOPE!!!!!!

    Thank you.

  29. I'm a willing piece of clay! It's beautiful how you use your creativity by pointing us to the GREAT Creator.

  30. Beautiful, Pasty. My brother is a potter and in working with him I learned how much our Christian lives are like that of a potter and clay.


  31. That is so sweet of you. I wish I can come here more often but life has been really challenging these days.

  32. I am so glad God's hands are on me and my life. My imperfections definitely need the hands of my maker. Great post, thank you.

  33. So important to remember ~ God is the potter and we can trust Him to mold us into someone of His how your art and faith intertwine into a message for us.

  34. I love it. Thank you for again sharing your creativity.

  35. Beautiful faces - cracks and all! Most of us get cracks as we get older. Blessings,

  36. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Beautiful journal page and what a wonderful message! Love what you are doing with the clay as well :)

  37. Beautiful journal pages,i loved all the faces what you created,especially the faces with the bird,and i love the jesus side too,all wonderfull things i cant see.
    and your clay faces is soo amazing,i loved all.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity,its soo inspirated.


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