Friday, August 10, 2012

The Treasures of the Church

Party time again!
Here is my background.
I have to find St. Lawrence of Rome somewhere!
I see his hands and a halo.
Do you see them too?
St. Lawrence was a very interesting character!
He was deacon of the Church at the time
Christianity was outlawed.
When the Pope was executed, St. Lawrence
was asked to bring the treasures of the Church
to the Prefect of Rome, for the use of Emperor Valerian.

St. Lawrence sold the sacred vessels 
and gave the money to the poor.
Then he gathered all the widows, 
the orphans, the maimed, the sick
and brought them to the Prefect.
"Here are the treasures of the Church,"
he proclaimed.

The Prefect got furiously angry that he had
St. Lawrence bound to a gridiron and ROASTED!!!!
There is a legend going around that
St. Lawrence quipped, "This side is done,
turn me around!"
  "You are thinking not as God does,
but as human beings do."

Do we think of the poor, the sick,
widows and orphans as the 
treasures of the Church?"

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  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Hi Patsy! I hope that you and your family are all safe! We received your special gift'S! We absolutely love them! Thank you so so much!

    P and A

    This post is really great for a heart check.
    Take care Patsy!

  2. This post was very rich for me. I like how you shared the way your painting developed and how you presented the info about St Lawrence, but especially striking was your question, "Do we think of the poor, the sick, widows and orphans as the treasures of the Church?"
    All those precious souls = true treasure, aren't they? Blessings to you!

  3. This is wonderful. I love how you did his cloak- the detail work makes it look like a rough cloak from long ago. I did not know the story of St. Lawrence-thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful and special artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Wow. That is so inspiring and heart wrenching. Just a blessing. Thank you for sharing and linking. You bless me with the overflow of all that comes from your creative spirit!

  6. We know nothing of persecution today. My sister was a widow at 55. It was amazing to see her church surround her with love, money and encouragement. Three years later they are still making sure she has everything she needs and continually treat her as a treasure.

  7. Patsy, you yourself are such a treasure! I love your post with the wonderful lesson it has for us.

  8. Love the message of this story. Beautiful work!

  9. You made me think, and I was just wondering who all the "treasures" are in our church and our community!

  10. What a treasure of a story. Love your artwork and the story of St. Lawrence. Happy PPF

  11. I love your work, especially the idea of "looking" for something in it. I'm working on developing my skills in that area!

  12. Thanks again for picking me!!!
    I Like your peeps too!'
    I always get a bit of an education here too!
    Nice perk.

  13. This is a beautiful story and the artwork is so fitting of it. Too often we need to be reminded to seek a high purpose for our thinking. Blessings, Janet PPF.

  14. It's my first visit here ~ what beautiful heartfelt artwork and an inspiring story. Blessings to you (:

  15. Your artwork is a treasure also

  16. WOW! Beautiful! What lessons through your art work. Came across you through Finger Print Friday. Just amazing! Truly am enoying the beauty on your blog.

  17. Widows and orphans? Those are exactly the words God is speaking to me these days! I loved learning about St. Lawrence.

  18. I never tire of seeing how you pull an art piece out of your backgrounds. So, so neat!!

  19. I love finding images in backgrounds. Love your picture of St. Lawrence. :)

  20. Amen. Real treasures, indeed.

    We shouldn't look upon gold and silver and pearls. We will upon streets of gold in heaven and enter gates of pearls.

    It is important to treat people as cherished treasure. This is what God wants.

    Thanks for the story of St Laurence, Pat. Only those with eyes upon the immovable God can think like that... and I like the rumor too.

  21. Love your art style and your strength in your faith ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Anonymous11:11 PM

    gorgeous art journal pages and love all the detail! Love the message too :)

  23. Wow, I had never heard this before. What courage he showed. Thank you for sharing it.

  24. Your art is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Seeing like God does...what a reminder! Thank you! Blessings!

  26. i love your vivid expressive heart!

  27. Always a joy seeing your new work, Patsy!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  28. Love your background! Happy PPF!

  29. Great post! I loved this story.

  30. You are so talented. I had no idea about this story. I wish I had your gift for art! Amazing!


  31. Beautiful story and artwork. Have a beautiful day.

  32. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your artwork is lovely, and I really liked how you told us the story of St. Lawrence. I've never heard it before and it is a beautiful story. And so true. Definitely a lesson to be learned.

  33. What a lovely story of the faith of one of our martyrs! May we all see the true treasures of the church!

  34. Love the story and the pictures. Now, my seriously approach is that some of the God-servers in some centuries, were tortured and martyred. We hardly imagine that in our present day... and, yet, I DO imagine it frequently. This was not only good pictures, but good thinking and sharing. Thanks.

  35. Your story is quite interesting--a tidbit of trivia that you never hear out in the world.


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