Monday, March 20, 2017


"I have made a covenant with my chosen..." Psalm 89:3

I am part of a covenant community. When we say yes, we want to have a covenant relationship with God and our brothers and sisters, the women are given a veil and the men a mantle to wear during our gatherings. This is a sign of commitment. Yesterday, we went to the wake of one of our members. Merl was very much a part of many members' lives. She always asked how we were. She knew our families. When my mother got sick, she was our prayer partner, and when my mother was in the hospital, she came and sang songs at her bedside. 

So many of us have many stories to tell about Merl and her love for each one of us, from the oldest to the youngest. She was like a mother hen, wanting to know where her chicks were, and wanting to take care of them.

God shows his love for us through brothers and sisters like Merl. He said yes, He wanted a covenant relationship with us, when He made a promise to Abraham. He has said yes many times. The biggest yes was when He spread out His arms and died on the cross for us. 

Lord, I say yes to You. You chose me even before You created the world to be set apart (Eph.1:4). How privileged I am to be a part of Your chosen people, Your adopted family! 

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