Friday, March 10, 2017


"The Lord's way is not fair!" Ezekiel 18:25

I am almost certain that we have accused our parents of being unfair to us at one time or another, so it is no surprise that we have thought that God was unfair in some way. We maybe look at someone and ache to be that person who is richer, more beautiful, thinner, and seems to have no problems. We think, why did he win that car which was supposed to be mine? Why does God not answer my prayers? I've been waiting and praying for so long! 

It says here in Ezekiel that if a wicked man turns from his wicked ways, none of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him! Not even murder, plunder, drug dealing, sex trafficking, and any other heinous crime! None of them! 

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells a story where laborers in a vineyard are paid the same whether they worked the whole day or got hired in the last hour! Is that fair? In the world we live in, this is definitely not fair! But God's love and our inheritance is immeasurable. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING we can ever do will merit our receiving it. What is not fair, is that God wants to give that to each of us, and sent His Son down here to die for all our sins so we might get that one in a billion chance to get to heaven! If we read the stories in the Bible, we will realize that God longs for us, desires an intimate relationship with us. Jesus bought for us the winning ticket! 

Lord, we do not deserve our inheritance in Christ! Thank You for Your love and faithfulness and mercy and generosity and .... So much, Lord! I am overwhelmed! 

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