Sunday, March 26, 2017

How God Sees

"Not as man sees does God see... the Lord looks into the heart." 
Samuel 6:7

If only we could see into peoples' hearts, we would make less mistakes. Here the prophet Samuel is guided by God to anoint David, the youngest son of Jesse, to be the new king. If Samuel were to choose based on appearances, he would have anointed Eliab who was tall and handsome and strong! 

I remember when my helper Lucy first came to me. I was to choose between two helpers. One was young, and Lucy was much older and thinner. If I were to choose on my own, I would have chosen the younger for I thought she could work harder. After telling them the situation, I told them to just decide between the two of them who would come and work for me and who would work for my mom. Lucy told Thelma, the younger one, "You work for her mom. They have plenty of other helpers." She chose to work for me because she would be all alone, there would be a baby, and there would be more work. God bless her good heart! She chose the harder load! 22 years after, Lucy is still with me, part of my family, always looking after our welfare. Thelma has long left the employ of my mom and has gotten married. 

Every day, we meet people and talk to people at work, in our neighborhood, or even at the supermarket. We may not be able to see their hearts, but we can practice seeing them through God's eyes of compassion and love. Before I got married, I got perfect advice from my ninang, my godmother. She said, "Always see your husband through God's eyes." Lord, may I not only see my husband through Your eyes, but every person I encounter. 

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