Thursday, June 15, 2017


"Their unbelieving minds have been blinded by the god of the present age..." 2 Corinthians 4:4

I can see how the god of the present age is ecstatic with the internet. In no time has it been so easy to spread fake news and get so many people angry and riled up about an incident that never happened. Pictures taken years ago are used to propagate lies. Armies of trolls are organized to stifle free speech. Fake news and propaganda manipulate the results of elections and misinformation sways public opinion. Satan wants us angry with everybody all the time. That's how he gets us to his turf. Will we allow him? 

We should know we are always at war and should never be complacent. Whatever weapons the devil uses, and wherever he wants to fight, we counter with spiritual weapons Christ died to give us. We should counter hate and anger with the weapons of praise, worship and prayer. We should fight lies with the truth. The strongest ammunition we have is the Word of God. The internet as well as any other battleground can be harnessed for good, and wrested out of the hands of the enemy. 

Lord, we know when we fight with spiritual weapons, we have already won. Thank You for we are victorious with You by our side, behind us and before us. By Your cross and by Your blood, we are more than conquerors. 

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