Friday, June 16, 2017

Treasure in Earthen Vessels

"We hold this treasure in earthen vessels..." 2 Cor. 4:7

Imagine finding an old jar, covered in thick mud and moss. When you remove the caked grime, there are hairline cracks in places that show glimmers of what's inside. It's like liquid sunshine is trapped and wants to burst outside. That's how Saint Paul describes us.

We have this precious treasure, light and power shining within us, but we are perishable containers, weak and easily broken. This treasure, this glorious power is from God and can in no way be credited to us. When we feel so much is against us, troubles assail us on every side, we have to remember that there is within us this immense potential waiting to be tapped. 

We can read of the amazing perseverance of the saints and martyrs. I am awestruck at how a modern day martyr in China, Simon Zhao, was able to survive 31 years in prison. He was beaten and tortured every day for 31 years and never denied Jesus. Once, during a severe winter, the prison guards threw Simon out and forced him to stand in his underwear out in the snow. "You believe in your God!" they mocked. "Pray to him to keep you warm." 

When Simon cried out to the Lord to help him as the cold wind 'tore into his flesh like a razor', he felt a tremendous warmth. Sweat dripped off his body and the snow around him started to melt. But miracles didn't happen often and Simon had to persevere by God's grace. He was sustained by the knowledge that whatever happened, God was with him.

Lord, may we tap into Your power and grace that You make available to us through Your Word. May Your presence beside us be so real that whatever happens, we can be witnesses of Your saving power.  

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