Friday, June 23, 2017

Special Treasure

"It was not because you are the largest of the nations that the Lord has set His heart on you and chose you..." Deuteronomy 7:7

It was not because you are the most beautiful that the Lord set His heart on you and chose you... It was not because you are the smartest, the most industrious, the tallest, the most talented, the most eloquent speaker, or even the one who prays the longest or studies the Bible the most diligently. Indeed the Lord set His heart on us and chose us simply because He loves us (Dt.7:8) and because of promises He gave. 

It says in verse 6, that God has chosen us to be His own special treasure, a people peculiarly His own. He declared this to the Jews, but by adoption, we share in His treasures, "for everything He gives to His Son Jesus, is ours as well" (Romans 8:15-16). As anyone who has adopted a child knows, it is costly not only monetarily but emotionally. How much more for God who gave His only begotten Son so that He could adopt us (Galatians 4:5). God sent Jesus down on earth so we could be free. 

Thank You Lord for choosing me. Thank You for doing everything so I can be Your beloved daughter, precious in Your sight. I know You will do everything to bring me into Your Kingdom. 

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