Tuesday, June 27, 2017

No Strife

"Let there be no strife between you and me..." Genesis 13:8

Abram, and Lot, their families, servants and livestocks, travelled to Bethel. There Abram built an altar as was his habit every time they camped at a new place. But both Abram and Lot were very wealthy and had many flocks and herds and their herdsmen would get into arguments. What did Abram do? Did he lord it over his nephew Lot and command him to leave? "God promised me this land! You just came along for the journey!!! Get out and stay out!" No, he very generously let Lot choose which section of land he wanted. 

We can see how committed to God Abram was, how he placed his full trust in Him who had a plan for his life! He stood on God's promises! He was not insecure, fearful, or greedy. I know of many families who have placed their desire for more wealth and property over love of family. One woman I know lived with her family in a shack for many years because her brother had all the titles to the family land and refused to divide the inheritance fairly. There are so many bizarre cases in courts about families feuding over millions and billions and hectares of property, and once successful family businesses floundering when there is disunity among the third generation. 

May we be like Abraham, Lord, our spiritual father, and learn to fully trust in You, knowing our future is in Your hands. May we be generous and kind hearted as You are generous and kind hearted. May we be wise to see the world and its enticements as it truly is, and not be lured by its fake attractions. 

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