Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gluebooks make Me Happy!

I have been gluing pictures on notebooks and journals 
ever since I was young. 
Today, there's a name for it- gluebooks! 
It's really just a collage of anything and everything 
that inspires you or intrigues you or interests you. 

Before I throw a magazine or brochure 
I tear the pages with pictures I like. 
I also cut out articles or quotations, 
things people say that make me think, 
colors and textures and objects. 

Then I make a composition on a page before I glue it down. 

The thing about gluebooks is it's so much fun to make. 
You just can't make a mistake! 
We can be like little kids, 
cutting and pasting, cutting and pasting! 

You don't even have to have a method or a theme, 
or even correct color combinations! 
If it makes you happy, go for it!  
For some people who don't like writing,
Gluebooks are perfect! 

What I like about Gluebooks is 
you don't have to buy anything expensive.
Any old notebook will do! 
As a matter of fact you can even use an old book!
Here, I am using our 2017 papemelroti Anniversary journal
because of it's thick pages which won't crumple
no matter how much I choose to glue on it.

If you want to see more pictures of Gluebooks,
or want to know more, visit these sites:

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A whole lot of examples!

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