Wednesday, June 07, 2017

WOYWW: Teach Me Your Ways!

I am working in the garden. 
I decided to do an auction
to help with the medical expenses
of my friend who has been in a coma
for several weeks now. 

I took pictures and put a minimum bid.
I've sold several items already. It's fun but a lot of work! 
Here's one of the things I'm selling for 
a minimum bid of P100 ($2.00).
See Auction for Arnold to take a peek!

"Your ways O Lord, make known to me; teach me Your paths." Psalm 25:4

What a wonderful prayer to start our time with the Lord! Even if we've been reading the Bible for years and have gone from cover to cover, we will never be able to say, "I already know Your ways. I can stop reading and learning now." 

Even monks, nuns, and preachers have to ask God to continually guide them and teach them His ways. In St. Benedict's Rule for Monks, there is this important dictate: "Listen, O my child, to the precepts of the Master and incline the ear of thy heart." 

There was a beautiful, very successful actress in the 50s and early 60s named Dolores Hart. She made movies with Elvis Presley, Montgomery Clift, Anthony Quinn, and other famous leading men. Just when she was going to sign a contract which would have made her even more successful, she stunned Hollywood to become a Benedictine nun in the Abbey of Regina Laudis.  She is now 79 years old, and has been prioress in the Abbey since 2001. She listened to the ear of her heart, which is also the title of her autobiography. 

Faith is a journey, an adventure. We need to be courageous, listen to God so He can lead us, and open up possibilities we would never even dream of! 

Joining the lovely Julia Dunnit for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I find a lot of inspiration
visiting my friends here:



  1. That's so sweet of you Pasty Sorry for your friend being in a coma and may she wake up soon
    Lovely paintings as always Hugs Nikki ???

  2. I hope you make lots for your friend.. Helen #1

  3. It's been TOO long since I visited, and was saddened to read about your friend in a coma. I hope she comes out of it soon. You are SO thoughtful to do this. Happy WOYWW from #5.

  4. I hope your auction goes well. I hope to hear better news of your friend one day soon. Sarah #8

  5. Hi Patsy sound like the auction is going well. My thoughts go to your friend and her friends and family it must be a very diffciult time. .Take good care hugs Andrea #27

  6. How terribly sad that your friend is still in a coma... how are the family coping? You are an amazing friend helping in this way - more people should be like you!
    Yet another beautiful journal page - such a talent you have!
    Bubbles #36

  7. Oh my word, am so sorry for your friend, her family must be so glad to have friends like you, support in all forms. Great good luck with the continuing auction!

  8. Good luck on your auction! It is true, we are constantly learning, every day, if we allow ourselves to! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41

  9. Sending prayers for your dear friend I hope all is well soon good luck with the auction to raise some extra pennies for medical bills which is a worry on top of everything else for her family.. Gorgeous journal page you have created as always... Have a peaceful week ahead May#13


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