Saturday, September 16, 2017

From the Abundance of the Heart

"Each man speaks from his heart's abundance." Luke 6:45

Yes, I would like to be that person who always spoke with wisdom, hope, peacefully, lovingly, with encouragement, patience and gentleness. I would like that when I said something, anyone I met would know I was a woman of faith and they could trust me. How can that happen?

It says in the Bible, that we speak from what fills our heart. Out of the abundance of our heart, the overflow, that is what we will say on a day to day basis. So we know that if a man curses all the time, speaks evil and wishes evil for others, that is what is in his heart. On the other hand, if a man uses his words to promote unity among his fellow men, to encourage and fill them with moral courage, to lead them on to accomplish great things, his heart is certainly bursting with goodness for others. 

Our heart needs to be a greenhouse where faith filled ideas grow safely. Our heart needs to be a treasure chest where we collect God's perspective, His way of thinking, the treasures of Jesus' heart. We can only do that if we fill our heart with God's words. Stinking thinking leads to more stinking thinking, and produces decay in the reality around us.  Divine thinking will empower us and others and transform the world. 

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