Sunday, September 24, 2017

What Meaning is there in My Life?

"I long to be freed from this life..." Philippians 1:23

Yesterday morning my husband and I attended a fundraising for RightStart, a foundation that seeks to provide poor children a creative space where they can reach their full potential. We were surprised because Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo-Kho were there. Apparently they were the proponents behind the event as part of their wedding celebration. 

Hayden Kho gave a testimony and told us that he had reached such a desperate point in his life that he tried to kill himself twice. He had been struggling with drugs for 7 years, and his friends abandoned him after a scandal. He confessed in a public Christian event where renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias spoke, "I am living with pain, shame and guilt, what meaning can I find in life?” Hayden then left his former life, travelled with Zacharias on his speaking engagements around the world in search for that meaning. 

The complete verse above reads, "I long to be freed from this life and to be with Christ, for that is the far better thing." Lord, I thank You that we do not need to hit rock bottom to know we can only find meaning in a life lived in You! 

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