Monday, September 11, 2017

Stretch Out Your Hand

"Stretch out your hand." Luke 6:10

Jesus healed many people and he used all sorts of ways to do it. He healed no matter what the time and place, even if he was very tired, or surrounded by crowds. This time it was the Sabbath and he went to the synagogue to teach. There happened to be a man there whose right hand was withered, useless. The gospel account made sure to point out that it was the man's right hand, meaning his working hand. It was very difficult for this man to provide for himself, much more so for his family. 

The Pharisees, instead of listening to Jesus preaching, were on the lookout to see if Jesus would heal the man on the Sabbath. Jesus stopped His preaching because He knew exactly what was on the mind of the scribes and Pharisees. Sometimes we can be like the Pharisees and scribes, in that we look for things to criticize others for. Sadly Filipinos are well known for our "crab mentality". Crabs put in a pot to be cooked can easily escape but the other crabs pull them down as they try to move upwards. 

In an organization, sometimes we find that instead of helping and encouraging one another, people badmouth the efforts of others and look for ways to bring them down. This certainly does not make for a happy environment. Instead of being critical, we should practice thanking God for each other. Instead of putting others down, let's recognize the unique gifts each one brings to the table and learn how to cooperate and bring out the best in others.    

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