Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pilgrim Journey

" do not belong to this world." 
John 15:19

What did Jesus mean when He said that we do not belong to this world? Sometimes I see myself as a pilgrim traveling with other pilgrims on the way to the Promised Land. Each year takes me closer and I can't wait to reach our destination. We are just passing through with our borrowed time, and possessions. The only thing we can take with us to our home country are the relationships we've made here. 

My brother in law has been talking about Pres. Marcos' gold treasure and all the amazing stories about it. Marcos may or may not have found Yamashita's gold bullions, but he certainly did not take it with him when he died! Neither can we take our jewelry, the money in the bank, our nice clothes, the cars, our business, our home. 

Lord, may I spend time with You, so I may get to know You and Your heart. May the things that are important to You be important to me too. And may I invest in relationships here on earth, the only investment I can bring to heaven. 

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