Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WOYWW: Groping for God!

My desk this morning. We had a super successful garage sale over the weekend for a friend's medical expenses. 
But I have still all this stuff to sell! So many generous people gave and even if I sold so much already, there is still so much more! 

These are the books I separated because I knew they would just be damaged in the confusion of a garage sale. I will sell them in Facebook just as soon as I have time to take pictures and post. And below, I will find stuff to sell in an auction. It's a lot of work, but so much fun! 

"They were to seek God, yes, to grope for Him and perhaps eventually to find Him- though He is not really far from any one of us." Acts 17:27

These were Paul's words as he addressed the Council in Athens. He was saying that they already had an altar "To an Unknown God", and Paul wanted to make Him known. He used an interesting word, "grope", which means to feel their way toward. Men, even in ancient times, had some glimmerings of God's story. 

Many Chinese Christians believe that one of the Magi came from China. The chief astrologer at the court of the Han Rulers at the time of Christ's birth disappeared for two years. This was after he discovered what the Chinese call the "king star". 

In 2002, many stone engravings in the artistic style of early Christian times, depicting the Bible stories were discovered in ancient tombs in 20 intact Han tombs. In the book, "Discovery of Genesis" by C. H. Kang and Ethel Nelson, they wrote that the original meaning of several Chinese characters show Biblical stories and principles. 

Also, legends about creation, a worldwide flood, and a family that was saved in a large boat have been handed down through generations, not only in China, but in most cultures around the world! Over the years, John Morris collected 200 of these stories from the Middle East, South America, the Pacific Islands, etc. But the clearest story with the most detail comes from the Bible. When we read from the Bible, we get the story from God Himself, the way He wants us to know what happened, the way He wants us to know HIM! 

Yes Lord, may we seek You and find You, not in any convoluted way, but straight to the source of truth.

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