Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Praying the Bible

"Let Your face shine upon Your servant; save me in Your kindness." Psalm 31:16 

I have a difficult time memorizing Bible verses even if I do desire to do it. But then I find it difficult to even remember names! The thing is if we can remember verses, it would be much easier to pray. Like, I have a friend in the hospital and I am burdened because he has been in a coma for some weeks now. How do I pray for Him so that God hears and answers? Sometimes I have no words. I go to the Bible for the words. I am comforted because I can pray with all the people of God who have gone before me. I know God hears me because He heard the cry of Moses when he asked forgiveness for  his people's sins. God answered Elijah when the prophet prayed for the life of the widow's son to return. He answered Hannah when she was desperate for a son. 

The Words in the Bible are not ordinary words. The Bible is not an ordinary book. I know and have tested it for myself that the Word is life and medicine for my body (Proverbs 4:22). But it is much more than medicine. Jesus Himself said He was the bread of life. And John testified that the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us (John 1:14). 

Lord, thank You for scripture. It not only tells me of Your love for me, but when I pray using the Words in the Bible, I know my prayers are more effective and powerful. Indeed, even You quoted scripture in Your time of testing! Thank You for this bread. I shall never be hungry if I feed from it all the time! 


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  1. I hope your friend receives a healing - lovely Bible journaling - have a blessed week


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