Friday, May 26, 2017


"...your grief will be turned to joy." John 16:23

After several months of working on his thesis for his last year in Computer Science, my son was finally able to submit the program and the 50 page report. Some days he would be so frustrated because of some problem he couldn't solve that he would think of calling his professor to ask what would happen if he couldn't finish it. But now, he is ecstatic because his professor accepted the thesis and is even prodding him to submit it for conferences. What a relief!

So is it a relief and a joy when after 9 months and then hours of labor, a mother is able to see the baby from her womb. So Jesus compares our travails here on earth. We all travel a different path, and some of us grieve more than others. But one day as Jesus promises, we will rejoice with a joy no one can take away from us. One day we will understand the purpose for our hardships and trials and pain. One day we will have no more questions that plague us. 

Thank You Lord for this promise of joy beyond understanding. How good it is to know You are our friend who travels with us through thick and thin. You are no farther than a prayer.

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