Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here is my desk this morning.
My canvas isn't finished yet.
what I've done so far is
apply wall putty to the house and grass,
and molding paste to the flowers
(my first time to use this product).
I painted it with acrylics
and glued on some paper.

My journal has a drawing of Moses
because the reading today is from Deuteronomy 4,
when Moses was admonishing the people
to appreciate that there was no other people
to whom God spoke, and left statutes.

I take this as a reminder for me as well.
I have to remember all that the Lord has done for me!
I have to appreciate and write down
when He intervenes in my life,
helps me, guides me, gives me grace for the day!
To always be grateful!
That is my message for today!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I finally did a bit of cleaning.
Here you can see my desk
with my journal on it,
brushes, glue, odds and ends.

I also decided to start on a canvas
which you can see on the left.
I've just pasted old dictionary pages on it as yet.
Have no idea where that's going
but I want to try some stuff I've seen on the web.

And here's my journal page for today.
From Matthew 20,
and all about how different
the way God thinks from the way man thinks.

Whoever thought that if you wanted to be great,
to be important, to be somebody,
that you should serve others?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WOYWW 93 My Alphabet Box

Here's my journal page for today.
Psalm 51 is so appropriate for Lent.
Sometimes we think God wants sacrifices from us,
but what He really wants is our heart.

I decided not to show you the same messy old space.
Here is my alphabet box, which I use whenever
I make collages with words, like the one above.
Do you think I'm crazy for
cutting up all these letters?
I have fabric, leather, cardboard, even a small silver E
aside from all the magazine cutouts in my E envelope.
In some envelopes I even have punched clay letters.

Thank you to Julia of Stamping Ground.
I doubt I'd post once a week if not for WOYWW,
especially as I'm still feeling poorly.
Thank you to all who dropped by and all your good wishes!
They are much appreciated.LinkDrop by Julia to see some interesting desks and
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WOYWW 92- I'm back to using my bed again!

After a strange bout with costochondritis that landed me
in the emergency room yesterday morning,
I am back to working on my bed again.

Costochondritis, or inflammation of the
rib or cartilage of the rib,
is notable for feeling like a heart attack!
Thank God, my ailment, though strange,
is non life threatening, and will go away
without some serious medical intervention.
Here is my work "bed" and my journal page for today.
For Roman Catholics, today is Ash Wednesday,
the start of the lenten season.
The lenten season is the 40 day period
(excluding Sundays) preceding Easter,
which is a time of soul-searching and repentance,
and renewing our relationship with God.

In my journal, I put a woman looking into a mirror.
The Greek saying,
"Nipson anomemata me monan opsin"
which can be read from left to right
and right to left, and was found in a
washroom mirror in Europe, means
"Wash the iniquity, not only the face."

I am reminded of a funny song we have
here in the Philippines,
"Lipistick ng lipistick, hindi ka naman
nag-brush your teeth!"
which translates to,
"You keep putting lipstick,
but you don't brush your teeth!"

Sometimes we are only concerned
with how we look on the outside.
Lent is a time to look inward and see
how we can grow in loving others,
and loving God more.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Whoa! That was fast!

It's Wednesday again and
I wasn't able to visit many of you
as we were out at the beach
for a three day weekend.

Here's what my family was up to,
just in case you want to come visit
our Philippine beaches for a vacation!

Sailing on a Hobie

And making huge bubbles!

Here's my desk-
I really need to find a bigger desk.
That's my excuse today for the pile up!
Thank you to all who suggested names!
They are great!
It is now quite difficult to choose
what name to give him! Align Center
And here's my journal for today:
Jesus really thinks differently
from man!
Imagine if He didn't come to tell us
that if we wanted to be "great",
we needed to serve others!
How would we ever realize that on our own?!

Thank you for dropping by!
I really appreciate it.
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