Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank You Giveaway!

What's going on in my craft nook? Here's a look at what I've been doing this weekend- usually my schedule is so packed, I can't start anything new! But I had one leisurely Saturday so I've almost finished my two commissions, finished my garden collage for my OWOH winner (I know, I know, this took a looong time!), 4 ATCs and started my Madonna of the Flowers. That's my messy desk on top. Plus I was able to get a haircut!

I'm soooo happy, and because I'm so happy, I decided to give away my Ladies with the Necklaces series of ATCs which I finished yesterday. Let's see if anybody wants them! Of course all my followers automatically get a chance because I'm super thrilled they actually want to follow me even if they're not my relatives (well, one is!) No, I'll give my wonderful followers 3 chances each just because they make me feel really special and they push me to post even without saying anything!! All comments below this post get a chance each if they answer the question: "What did you do this weekend?" It doesn't have to be a creative deed, I just want to know what you've been up to! Be sure you have an email address so I can contact you! If I get a lot of comments, I'm sure I'll be inspired to make some more giveaways! I'll put your names in the hat by the second weekend of April.
Here are the 4 ATCs I made yesterday, painted on bookpaper. They each have a chain necklace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Award

I was delighted when I opened my inbox yesterday to find a nice surprise waiting for me- Beth Stone gifted me with an award. What a compliment! Thank you Beth! As she doesn't know me personally, that is three times a pleasure!

The award comes with the instructions that we nominate 7 favorite blogs, and as I'm such a family person, I'm going to nominate first my sister's blogs: Peggy, Meldy, Tina, and my brother Robert's blog.
I hope no one screams "NEPOTISM" at me! It's just that I'm really a fan of their creative talents!

Here are the other blogs I'm nominating:
Altered Book Lover for all the techniques shared so generously here!
Altered Attic for her fabulous artwork I so enjoy looking at and savoring, and for her courage and fighting spirit!
Cabbie, a fellow filipina, for her happy blog with a chockful of projects!
I've been a follower of their blogs because of the inspiration I get!

The second thing I'm supposed to do is post 7 facts about me (not that you want to know this!):
I'm the eldest in my family and I've been working in our family business since I was 11 years old! I am a messy person! Good grief! I have one whole craft room to myself and I can't keep it clean! One day I'll have to make a project out of that! I am part of a Christian Covenant community and I met my husband there. He's one of my biggest blessings, mainly because he doesn't mind my mess (kidding!) We got married when I was 37 years old, and we have one son.
My last fact is I love journals and have a whole stack of them. My instruction to my husband is to burn all of it when I die! Maybe except the ones when Josh was a baby because Josh likes me to read that to him.