Wednesday, June 06, 2012

WOYWW 157: Discover your Gifts!

This was taken at 5:30 in the morning
after I did my journal.
The picture is not very clear because I manipulated it with
the BeFunky camera app on my Ipad.

This doesn't seem any clearer.
But you may be able to see my two canvases at the back,
well, actually 4 canvases, 
but only two are new!

On my journal is one of my favorite verses.
It's from 2 Timothy 1:6:
"Stir up the gift of God that is in thee."

All of us have been given wonderful gifts.
We have to discover it, use it,
develop it, and share it.

If we do that we will bloom and grow.
We will be a blessing to all around us.
I don't think I have discovered all my gifts yet....
have you?

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. Patsy, I love the greens in that print. Keep posting your beautiful work, and no I am sure you have more gifts to discover...God surprises us like that!

  2. I love that first image of your desk, it has a great vintage feel to it, almost like a painting! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I was in the process of leaving you a comment and this time my computer not just locked up, it quit. I got a blue screen and a fatal exception error. I don't know what it is about your blog, but it doesn't like my computer.

    I'm trying again because I really like the journal page AND those canvases. Happy WOYWW from #4. Gotta make this fast before it freezes again.

  4. oh wow patsy your work is inspirational and your bible passage even more so....I do believe in the Holy Spirit and that wa can do amazing things with Its help!!

  5. Very nice..Happy 157 and enjoy a happy week #31

  6. Oh my word you are an early bird! I was up at 5:30 too cos of my son, not cos I wanted to be...I don't do mornings well you see... Love the vintage look to your photo at the top today.

  7. You inspire me to paint again. Lovely work! I like the vintage look as well. :)

    Tin of

  8. I just love your inspire me!

  9. Patsy your picture of your desk today is so artistic!! I love it. Happy WOYWW, Helen. 16

  10. I love that sentiment from your journal, it is so true we all have gifts that we need to discover. I feel like I've found some of mine but know there are more to discover with time. Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  11. I love the picture of your desk (the first one), your desk looks so creative. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  12. We do all have gifts and I feel it's important not to waste them. Love your creative space today.
    A x #59

  13. Beautiful journalling Patsy as always, have a super Wednesday, hugs Erika. #61

  14. Your journal page is gorgeous as always, and your desk looks wonderfully busy.

    I managed to miss posting last week - would love to send you an ATC or even swap if you're up for it. Please let me know either via my blog or at Thanks!
    Helen S #77

  15. love how you funked your photo up
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  16. What an awesome print. You are so talented! And I love the reminder to stir up the gifts within me. I needed that today.

    Happy WFW!


  17. Gorgeous journal page.. and your creative desk is as busy as ever... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#34

  18. Morning Patsy, well I love the first photo. It is so artistic. The canvases are beautiful as well. Hope you have a blessed week.

  19. I rather like your BeFunky photo. It sort of looks like an old painting. Great journal page again today. Lovely colors, so soothing.

  20. Hi Patsy,

    Your first photo is interesting - kind of cool, actually. As usual your canvases are inspiring. I'd like to think of myself as always evolving - developing new gifts all the time.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #114

  21. That is a fun app, but it doesnt make your desk unrecognisable to me....i know thats not the point, but i would know it anywhere! You get up very early, does this give you some contemplative time before the day begins? Love todays journal page, i think many of us strive so, probably without realising our God given gifts so to do.

  22. Fabulous page and a beautiful verse. Happy WOYWW!

  23. I really like that scripture! Amen - Stir me up Lord!

  24. As always, your journal is inspiring! That is one of my favourite verses too. I am trying tio discover my gifts, but I do know that I was given a oretty rare gift. I love teenagers and they seem to respond to me, that is why I stay being a teacher, because I know that very few people enjoy them as much as I do.
    Happy WOYWW

  25. LOVE that journal page! It's beautiful!

    Thaks for sharing,

    Jackie x

  26. Love today's journal page brilliant as always.
    Have a great crafty week! Happy LATE WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #64

  27. Yes I agree about God's gifts within us - I feel so lucky - I try to use my gifts to make the world a nicer place. x Jo

  28. Beautiful artwork as always, Patsy. Keep up the good work!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #89

  29. Apologies for being so late visiting but as they say better late than never eh?
    An amazing print...your journal looks brilliant. I've never made one but I think that maybe I should ;D
    If you nip over to my place you might be interested in joining in with my first 'giveaway'.
    Have a great week! Neesie #7


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