Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WOYWW 73: First Boardbook Project

There's nothing to see yet!
Just applied wall putty on the first pages
(this is supposed to be gesso
but I usually use wall putty-
less expensive).

I've joined Tam's free e-course,
Art, Heart and Healing
(not too late to sign up for it).
I'm starting our 2nd week's project,
which is altering a boardbook.

More than a thousand joined up
and it's fabulous to look at the work
that was done for the first week.
We did a journal page.
I didn't have much time to do mine-
did more than my usual touring of WOYWW desks
(excuses, excuses!)
but here is my first week's journal page:
Tam is amazingly generous and is
putting a lot of time and effort
for this e-course.
She taught how to make faces
and how to do layering for background
(my goodness, her favorite phrase-
it takes a loooong time!)
What I particularly liked
is she didn't edit her video
when she made mistakes,
so you could see it all works in the end.

See you as we comment
on the WOYWW posts
on Julia of Stamping Ground's


  1. Wow this is beautiful.
    Your drawing is amazing. Love it.

  2. Look very interesting, I wouldn't know where to start to alter anything!

  3. WOW...putty instead of gesso...great idea! Am a member of the Willowing site...but did not have courage to join the course (as I cannot draw). Your work in your journal looks FFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAA U LOUS Darling in the words of Craig of Scritly Come Dancing lol Suz #13

  4. I haven't altered many things in my time but haven't considered a boardbook. Your drawing is fab. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  5. Oooh love the journal page. Thanks for sharing (no. 26)

  6. I have been wanting to do an altered book for ages!! Good luck.

  7. oh wow hun this is totally amazing gosh would love to do something like this,brilliant love hugs cheryl x

  8. Great pages in your journal :0)
    Kate x

  9. Love your journal page - thanks for the heads up on the site - look forward to seeing your board book - what is wall putty please?

  10. Interesting post and god luck with the e course.! thanks for sharing...
    joZarty x

  11. Oh how lovely is that. And I so admire your staying power for a course, I have a small self discipline issue at the mo!!

  12. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the bookboard project, thanks for the snoop round.

  13. WOW can't wait to see the finished product.

    laura (63)

  14. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Your journal pages look incredible. You must be very proud. And I can't wait to see what you do with the book. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Great drawings and would love to start painting myself

  16. look forward to seeing your book progressing. caroline #14

  17. Love your journal page, can't wait to see how the boardbook turns out :D #65

  18. That board book is going to be so cool - lovin' the colors you chose.

  19. love it never made a board book
    Vicky (66)

  20. It is all looking great here today!
    I am number 72 this week!

  21. Love her too--I have the board book--now just to get some time--can you find that in a store? :)

  22. Pretty pages. S #84

  23. Beautiful drawings as always - enjoy the course and show us how it goes...
    sasa 28

  24. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Wow, over a thousand artists, that's a lot of work to look at and admire in just a week! I don't know what a board book is but will be interested in seeing the end results.

    Brenda 89

  25. Can't wait to see what you do with the board book! I have never done one so I don't have any advice sorry.
    Thanks for the peek!

  26. Love your drawing but am amazed that you describe yourself as obedient!! Would not put myself in that category ...

  27. Oh fab! She is beautiful! Kim #82

  28. wow thisa looks and interesting course, think I will have to take a look

  29. I love your journal page, it looks so beautiful!

  30. A board book how exciting, I wouldn't know where to start. Your girl looks gorgeous. Have fun and a very tidy desk Hugs

  31. Love the journal and artwork involved.

    Terry #4

  32. Simply beautiful! Hels #83

  33. Good luck with the course - will love to see your altered board book.

  34. Love your first journal page-well done.

  35. Your journal page is lovely and your portrait beautiful.

    I too am doing the course and have just completed the board book page. I had terrible trouble with my gesso and the end result is very, very grungy - still that adds to the effect I suppose. Good luck with your putty, it can't be any worse than my gesso - LOL.

  36. Now I never knew you could use putty instead of gesso, so I learned something else today! Love your journal page, its stunning.

  37. can't wait to see your finished project! Sheena #99

  38. Making books is a lot of fun, especially to use as a journal. Love your page! Thanks for showing what's on your desk. #121

  39. I too joined her class, your drawing is stunning - mine still needs work! Good idea re: putty :-) Christine #22

  40. I joined that class, but haven't had a chance to view the first video yet. Ironic that gesso is cheap in the States and putty is much more expensive. But you won't catch me drawing anything any time soon! Love what you are doing, though.

    Sorry I'm late getting here, but I'm taking it at a snail's pace this week (#15).

  41. Altering is not something I have tried yet...I am one of those hop around crafters that likes to try a bit of everything so hopefully I will get round to trying it soon. I like the sound of an e-course...may look into one of those too!
    Thank you so much for letting me have a look at your workdesk.

  42. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Love the tip about all putty. your work is always so beautiful
    hugs June xxxx

  43. That drawing is beautiful!!

    Lou Mac. xo #135

  44. gosh i love your journal page and thanks for the heads up to the e~course...i might have to check that out!

    hugs, alix (number 74)

  45. lovely journal page, sounds like you are enjoyign your course, and it is true it does take ages - I still have an unfinished collage from January!!! everytime I put a layer on and leave it I find a new way to enhance the picture...

    Dx 52

  46. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Just found your blog, while surfing for other christian artists, nice blog!

  47. Have fun with your class, looking forward to seeing your altered book.


  48. just beautiful. you are so talented
    and sweet.

  49. Hi Patsy, you left a query on my blog about emulsion paint, I think you might call it latex wall paint there. have a look at the Dulux trade site.....

  50. Wonderful art work there on that journal page. :)


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