Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOYWW 71: Ayeesha in the Desert

Here's what's on my workdesk this Wednesday.
At least Ayeesha didn't wander off!
She's quite content where she is...
even if she's in a desert!

I'm reading the book,
"Celebrations of Faith" by Randy and Lisa Wilson.
On page 32, it reads,
"Sometimes God has to take us to the end of ourselves,
because the desert places
are where our songs and our fruit come forth,
and where He speaks tenderly to our hearts.
The desert can be a place of intimacy."
I don't know how I'm going to make this canvas into a desert
but I'll think of something.
Besides it's not really a desert...
it could be a desert, a scorched place, a hard place,
because you're burned out, chronically sick,
uninspired, feeling hopeless, walled in anger and unforgiveness,
despairing, etc.
We have to remember
there's always HOPE!

Isaiah 58:11 says,
"The LORD will guide you always;
He will satisfy your needs
in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail."

Here's my journal this morning.
I guess the fruits come AFTER the desert!

If you'd like to take a sneak peak
at what other people have on their work desk,
head over to Julia of Stamping Ground.
I guarantee you'll want to
join in on the fun!


  1. lovely artworks. and I love seeing a page in your art journal again.

  2. The artwork is gorgeous! I always hope to be able to do such artwork. Maybe I can learn from the master like you. Happy WOYWW!

    XX Moy Yin

  3. Great blog today - similar message said in our church too - it is our vulnerability that God is reaching out for....all the best with the desert ideas.

    Have a good week.
    sasa 10

  4. Lovely art, happy woyww

  5. oh love the art just love it so talenetd,love cheryl xxx

  6. Beautiful artwork and sentiments. Pam (20)

  7. Great messages and lots to think about. Looking forward to your next WOYWW.

  8. Beautiful project on show today.
    A x

  9. Lovely artwork and lots of food for thought in your post. Happy WOYWW.

  10. Dear Patsy,

    You know that I always love visiting your blog, but I particularly love today's post. I recently started posting worship songs on the weekend, and one of my upcoming posts is about this very topic. I love your verse and quote (your art is always gorgeous!) and will share your post when I do my desert feature!


  11. Glad I found your blog! I ll be back!

  12. ...your painting is a desert background if that was your thinking as you painted. But where did her flowers come from and how did they/she survive? has she left the desert and found the flowers as she returned from drought?


  13. Ayeesha is blossoming into a lovely lady. The details are shining through. And that journal page is really stunning. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  14. Love Ayeesha in the desert and great journaling too! Happy WOYWW from Annette #100

  15. Ooh she is beautiful & what a lovely name too..xx

  16. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Such a wonderfully inspiring page today. We all have deserts in our lives from time to time, hopefully she will find her way back.

    Brenda 96

  17. It is so much fun to peek at other artists desks. I'm going to go through your archives to learn more about Ayeesha.


  18. lovely page in your journal thanks for the peek

  19. Lovely artwork - a joy to see.

  20. Great artwork, thanks for sharing

    Alison x #62

  21. Hey Patsy! I am loving your work. I journal daily, but have some hesitations about doing a whole bunch of sketching. What an inspiration you are! God bless you!

  22. Lovely artwork! TFS :D


  23. Oh Ayesha turned out to be lovely. And I think you're right - it doesn't have to be desert per se - one can be in lush, tropical, fulsome surroundings and still be as lost as if in the desert.

  24. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Wow - fab photos, esp. that first one. It warms me right up on this cold and drizzly day.

    The art journal pages are stunning too.

    Mary Anne

  25. love your bright cheery colours. caroline #36

  26. ...just beautiful...thanks for sharing.....

    Janetlynne (84)


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