Monday, February 22, 2010


What grabs you? What excites and inspires you? What makes you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and an anticipation for what the day brings? It can be a little insignificant thing, something that has yet to happen or something you've been waiting for that's about to happen. It can be the weather, or a nice pair of shoes, a collage that just came together perfectly, a job well done, a gift, a revelation, an idea, a new friendship.

Joy. Sometimes it is elusive. But if you are open to the many gifts God has for us in a day, it may just fly in through that open door. Let me tell you why I decided to write about joy. My husband amused me, has been amusing me for many days. While some men get excited about a new car, or a promotion, or a deal in the works, my husband gets excited about the great bible adventure. He has been studying and even teaching the bible a long time (not professionally), but when he discovered this new way of studying and teaching the bible, he became literally like a kid with a new toy! Or you could say, he's like a salesman so absolutely sold on his product. He talks about it to everybody, and you can't help but get infected with his enthusiasm. We believe you! We believe you! Let's start on it! So we will be starting on it. And thanks to my husband, we will find new life in our bible adventure!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogging 101 or Things I Wish I Knew Before OWOH!

I've been having so much fun looking at all the beautiful blogs I found through OWOH, I decided to change my header and put a background courtesy of Shabby Blogs. Didn't know you could have such a nice blog so easily! Thank you to Megan and all the beautiful ladies and one gentleman behind Shabby Blogs!

I also learned about FotoFlexer where you can manipulate your photos online, and make your header, add text, etc. Then there's also Shrink Pictures where you can resize images online and make an avatar! I guess life is like that- it's always an adventure and a journey, always learning new things! Keep your eyes open, keep enthusiastic and you'll learn so many wonderful things! I'm off.... see you later!