Monday, April 30, 2012

The Good Shepherd

My husband likes to tell of the time
he visited a shepherd and his flock.
He offered to take care of the sheep
while the shepherd took a rest.

"Well, you see that's the problem.
See if they'll eat if you give them food."

My husband got the food and 
called out to the sheep.
They did not come near.
When my husband would go near,
they would move away warily.

The farmer then explained,
"They're nearsighted. 
Can't see you.
But they know my voice."

He called out, and they came.

In John 10, Jesus says,
"The sheep will not follow a stranger;
they will run away from him,
because they do not recognize the
voice of a stranger."

Do we know the voice of
our Shepherd?

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Friday, April 27, 2012


Here's what I've done lately.
I like making backgrounds and sometimes do
several at a time.
"I am blessed.
I am loved." 
is a collage on an acrylic background
on wall putty.
The background is quite easy to do 
and a lot of FUN!

After making marks on the background
with stencils, stamps, and sprays,
and bottle caps, textured coasters,
placemats, bubble wrap, etc.
I make designs with pencil and then outline it 
with acrylic.

I also like playing around with the apps
in my Itouch.
I used Photo Toaster and
Pixlromatic to change the colors for these !

So much fun looking at possibilities! 

And on my journal this morning 
I drew St. Paul.
He used to hunt Christians,
feel "murderous" towards them!
But God chose him anyway
to be an instrument to bring the 
good news to those who were
ignorant of it.

Here is proof that there is no one 
beyond the reach of God!
We all have possibilities!
It took St. Paul 10 years
before he was ready to go on
his first missionary journey,
and oh, what a journey it was!

I feel as if I'm on a journey too,
a different route certainly,
but still an adventure!
I do not know where it will lead,
all I know is that like St. Paul,
I walk with Him who called me first! 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WOYWW: Be Humble!

I missed WOYWW last week
as we had a summer vacation
But I did manage to visit some of you when I got back!

My desk this morning is a jumble
(I can hear some of you mumbling "So what's new?"

 I have a pile of stuff EVERYWHERE!

Here are a pile of girls' faces on top of a 
pile of backgrounds.

Beside is a pile of canvas.
I'm painting wall putty over canvas
to make paintings on it.
Sometimes I get commissions from abroad 
and framed canvas is too heavy to send.
Maybe this will be work!

And on my other desk, my journal.

In 1 Peter 5, it says:
"Humble yourselves...
that God may exalt you in due time."

To me, being humble is knowing 
the truth about who you are,
knowing your place in the sun.
This is me trying to be humble!

I have a crown because
I am daughter of the King!
Yes I am!
But I am also wearing an apron,
and carrying a feather duster
because I am His servant!

Once I gave a talk about our business,
I felt so good and proud afterwards,
because when I give a talk about 
why our business is successful,
it always goes back to God!
He is the reason!

Well, God didn't approve.
He showed me this verse in the Bible
which says something like,
"Useless servant!
Should you be thanked for 
doing what you should be doing?!!"

So that's my take on HUMILITY-
knowing who you are,
knowing your place!

What's your idea of being humble?

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