Wednesday, November 03, 2010

WOYWW 74: Still on my Boardbook

Here we go again!
I can't believe how fast the week goes
when we're on this merry go round
of Julia of Stamping Ground's

I was at the beach for the three day weekend
and instead of the art materials
I usually bring,
I brought dresses to sew and fix.

So last night, I hurriedly made my boardbook
which many of you expect to see finished!

I've joined Tam's free e-course,
Art, Heart and Healing
(not too late to sign up for it).
The 2nd and 3rd week's project
is an altered boardbook.
As it's a healing course,
we were supposed to remember
our childhood
But I had a wonderful childhood,
and can remember nothing I need healing for!
(Or maybe I have a bad memory?)
So here's a close-up of my boardbook page.
On the left is a picture of me and my dad.
The transfer using Gel medium didn't turn out so well
so my dad doesn't look as handsome as he really is.
His cheek got carved out!
I used to think he was the
handsomest man in the world!

I've just started the 2nd page
which is to be filled with Whimsy's,
Tam's word for people with big heads!


  1. I am glad someone is doing the lessons. I feel bad, but I just can't draw. Even those whimsies, which are VeRY difficult if you can't draw a circle. I saw how Tam just sat there and drew circle after circle in the same spot and I could never do that. I'm always in awe of anyone, including yourself, who can draw well. These are lovely, and gel medium transfers are always tricky. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. oh these pages look just amazing hun really love,the gel medium technique,and yours looks great hugs cheryl xxx

  3. This is a realm into which I have yet to venture! I think I would need to be lead by the hand as I wouldn't know where to begin, You are obviously an expert!
    Chrissie #3

  4. Your boardbook is looking good. I have come across a few people doing this course - hope you enjoy it, it looks fun! (I am still sure you need to be able to draw a bit to start with?!)

  5. I too had a wonderful childhood, I love your happy page. caroline #16

  6. Love your book pages, I can't draw either but would love to. Jo xxx

  7. Beautiful work as always!

  8. Love your board book. How lovely to hear you had such a happy childhood :-) Me too :-)
    A x

  9. hey patsy - i'm willowing too, just done my first and am working on my second page for the board book (but I'm doing it my life altered book) i thought like you I had no traumas to recall - them thought oh - yes - my Mum died!!!

    since it is okay now I think I am healed?

    but I do recall it was horrid at the time....

  10. your book is looking great, i'm looking forward to following your progress

  11. Your book is looking fantastic and rightly so, all girls think their dads are handsome :-) Christine #7

  12. just beautiful! and I'm glad you had a good and loving childhood. Very important, it makes us who we are..

  13. Hi ya
    your book is looking great, i wouldn't know where to start, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  14. Great boardbook...I love what you put it....that is a blessing..!.Your work is inspirational....!!Thanks for visiting..!

  15. Gorgeous work...I'm also lucky enough to have had a great childhood. My dad will always be the most handsome man in the world! Pam (23)

  16. Cor, your book is coming on lovely... looking forward to seeing more of it x

  17. Hi, Patsy! Thanks so much for the post on my blog about my little Cassy Ghost Girl! I usually paint pretty girls, not ghosts, but the background just called for her!

    I just read your post about your happy childhood. I think we are blessed! Mine was great, too! Thanks for sharing your journal pages...I can't wait to get back to my journal!

  18. It's a good thing to remember your childhood as a happy time and to celebrate it in your journal--it's what turned you into the person that you are today--that's great!!

  19. Your boardbook is looking good so far, have fun with the rest of it :D (69)

  20. The boardbook is comong along really nicely. It is very colourful and will become a wonderful keepsake for you to keep re-visiting.
    Sue xx 73

  21. i think your book is looking awesome, i love how personal it is with the pictures. hugs Lou x

  22. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Your board book looks great. As to the medium transfer, it's one of my favourite techniques because you can never be sure how it will turn out. And your dad still looks handsome.

    have fun!
    rachel #34

  23. Your boardbook is looking great! I can't wait to see the next pages!

  24. I'm loving your board book! I was in the same situation as you - fortunate to have had a happy childhood - I also had problems with my image transfer, but got there in the end! Love the look of your whimsy character - can't wait to see the finished page now!

    Sherry (110)

  25. Well you are certainly progressing with your boardbook. I can't draw so something like this is no good to me. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  26. The book looks fab! love your pages
    Happy WOYWW

  27. your board is shaping up nicely. i love
    your creativity and lovely artistry but
    mostly your testimony of having a happy

  28. Your boardbook is coming along beautifully - and you can sew as well? LOL Annette #5

  29. Sounds like you are having fun on this class and your 'altering' is gorgeous.


  30. lovely journal page and even lovelier dad and memories! Looks handsome to us!
    sasa 25

  31. O it's wonderful! I always have issues with gel transfers but was thinking yours is looking great! Loving the background too!

  32. wow i love your pages, and how lovely that you had such a happy innocent childhood :0)

  33. Stunning artwork. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Hugs Lisa (112)

  34. Wow the board book looks very interesting! Have a good day :)
    Rachael T xxx (115)

  35. I love that you have a childhood full of nothing but good memories...that's as it should be - and it's just as good for your dear soul to do a book that celebrates that...and of course, you're doing a fabulous job!

  36. Beautiful.
    I'm in the same class with you too .


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