Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WOYWW: Of Mad Dogs and Blessings!

Last night, Real Living magazine was here at my house
doing a photo shoot about "My Favorite Things",
a segment in their magazine.
And the answer to "What is your favorite room 
in the house?" is "My craft room."
So they fixed up my desk and managed 
to make it look neat!
What a feat!

They also set up a mini studio 
to take photos of my other favorite things!
The issue of Real Living featuring me and my favorite things
comes out in July!
Can't wait to see how the peek into 
my Craft Room looks like! Eeeek!

There was certainly more space for me to paint on!

 "The Sadducees, filled with jealousy,
laid hands upon the apostles and put them 
in the public jail." Acts 5:17-18

Jealousy, envy, discontentment, ingratitude.
We should not allow any of these things 
to take root in our heart and mind!
We should treat it and any negative thinking
like a mad dog!
Reign it in right away, with a short leash,
or it will lead you to where 
you do not want to go!

 "The community of believers was 
of one he❤️rt and one mind...
and there was no needy person among them..." 
Acts 4:32 
Not many of us are called to sell our homes 
and give the money to the poor.
 But it would be good if we were 
more conscious of the needs of 
brothers and sisters around us 
and help if we can. 
Just while I was painting this 
I already thought of 2 people I could help. 
And one did not even need a giving of money. 
Lord, help me to be more sensitive to what I can do 
to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters. 
You have blessed me to bless others!

If I focus more on my blessings,
what I have, 
and not on what I do not have,
I will not be jealous or envious!
That is the key!!

 And the winner of last week's giveaway
is Christine of Cardius Bloggus!
I will email her that she won
one pouch made from Indian silk,
and another handpainted one.
Hope she likes them!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Wonders and Signs!

 "It is impossible for us not to speak 
about what we have seen and heard." Acts 4:20. 
I think about these ordinary men and women, 
much like you and me, 
who witnessed such extraordinary events, miracles, 
and HAD TO speak about them! 
Even if the authorities told them to shut up, 
they could not quench that inner urge 
to tell the world about the awesome truth 
that Jesus is alive and His words are true!

"As they prayed, the place where they were shook,
 and they were all filled with the HOLY SPIRIT." 
Acts 4:31. 
Those were exciting times! 
Imagine the room shaking after you pray 
as if there's an earthquake! 
Imagine a huge crowd of people 
speaking in different languages. 
Imagine "uneducated men of no standing" 
speaking in confidence and power, 
unafraid of the angry authorities 
who throw them in jail! 
Imagine these same men 
getting freed by an angel, 
and going back to preaching! 
Imagine healings happening left and right, 
and even the shadow of Peter
 falling on the sick healing! 
We ask, why doesn't this happen now? 
If it does, we're not going to believe it anyway, will we? 
I think the first step is to believe 
it can happen today, 
that God's power is available for us today, 
and start laying hands on sick people 
and praying big prayers. 
Allow God space for miracles and He will come through!

 Catholics believe in the fellowship of the saints. 
When we are baptized in Christ, 
by grace, all of us are saints with a small 's'. 
Yesterday we recognized two new saints with a big S. 
Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. 
There are many wonderful stories about them 
but this is my favorite. 

In 1945, Edith Zierer was freed from a Nazi labor camp. 
She was so weak she collapsed in a busy village train station. 
Many passed by but no one helped 
until a young seminarian stopped to give her
 a cup of tea and a sandwich. 
He also carried her on his back to catch a train many miles away 
and accompanied her to where she wanted to go. 
In 1978, Edith read in her Jewish newspaper
that Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope! 
She recognized the name 
of her rescuer and wrote him. 
When they met, Edith recited a line from the Torah: 
"One who saves a life, it is as if he saves the whole world." 

I believe God gives us all opportunities to save lives. 
It may not be as dramatic as Edith's story,
 but let us keep a look out for those opportunities all the same!