Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW 156: Imitate Him!

On my desk this morning,
my prayer journal,
and a pile of ATC cards
I've covered with wall putty.
We are going to have a 
Crafternoon this Saturday
and my sister Peggy and I
are going to be teaching about ATCs.

On my journal, a quote from
"We should always keep seeking the Lord in 
personal prayer,
but we should always remember
how much He enjoys meeting us
as we imitate Him
by pouring ourselves out for others."

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Inheritance

I admire St. Paul very much.
He's one of my heroes.
A passionate man, not lukewarm.
He was not just a man of action,
he wrote a lot of letters,
encouraging, correcting,
Before he was martyred in Rome, 
he spent two years under house arrest
in Rome, where he did his writings,
and spoke to whoever visited him.

Although he was probably frustrated at 
the relative inactivity,
his writings are what influence us today.

Whatever our situation in life,
perhaps we are getting older,
or maybe we have some sickness that
prevents us from going out 
and serving in a full time ministry,
or we are a stay at home mom,
taking care of small kids
and home schooling them,
we are very important to God.

He can use us,
where we are,
with the gifts we have!

"...we have an inheritance that is imperishable,
undefiled and unfading,
kept in heaven for us...."  1 Peter 1:4

Wherever we are,
whatever we are doing,
we can share about the inheritance
that is reserved for us.
Share the joy! 

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tribute to Tita Betty

On my journal this morning,
She died last night after a 
hard battle with colon cancer.
She was an indomitable woman!

She had been sharing the Word of God
 consistently in the local jail for 14 years.
She had been a teacher and she 
treated the inmates like her students.
She was strict and 
taught them good values.
She gave love and hope to 
these pitiful men behind bars. 
She tried to restore their dignity.

She got awards and acclamation
from different organizations,
and although she was not rich,
she would spend the prize money
improving the conditions in the
public jail.
She was the one who invited us to
serve in the QC Jail a few years ago.
I do believe that God cannot be outdone
in generosity.
And so I am sure that Tita Betty
is being welcomed to her true home
with trumpet blasts and a 
parade of angels! 

On my desk this morning, several unfinished ATCs. 

The title of my set of ATCS is,
"You can cage the singer, 
but you can't cage the song!"

Tita Betty made sure that the inmates of QC Jail
could still sing in spite of their being caged! 
She was well loved! 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOYWW: Eternal Life

Here's a part of my desk this morning!

And on the right side of my desk,
some faces I'm working on for Marion's ATC
Swap. The theme is something absurd: 
"My Body is a Cage".
Sometimes it's good to make something absurd
now and then
so you don't take yourself too seriously!

Some more stuff for the ATCs.
I used transparent tape to make these transparencies.

And on my journal:
"This is eternal life, that we should know God."

Sometimes when we think about eternal life,
or heaven, we think of angels, and harps,
and a lot of clouds!
But really eternal life is about intimacy,
friendship with God!
Nothing absurd about it!

We were made for heaven.
We are pilgrims passing through.
We don't really belong here! 
I like to be reminded of that! 

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

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