Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Inheritance

I admire St. Paul very much.
He's one of my heroes.
A passionate man, not lukewarm.
He was not just a man of action,
he wrote a lot of letters,
encouraging, correcting,
Before he was martyred in Rome, 
he spent two years under house arrest
in Rome, where he did his writings,
and spoke to whoever visited him.

Although he was probably frustrated at 
the relative inactivity,
his writings are what influence us today.

Whatever our situation in life,
perhaps we are getting older,
or maybe we have some sickness that
prevents us from going out 
and serving in a full time ministry,
or we are a stay at home mom,
taking care of small kids
and home schooling them,
we are very important to God.

He can use us,
where we are,
with the gifts we have!

"...we have an inheritance that is imperishable,
undefiled and unfading,
kept in heaven for us...."  1 Peter 1:4

Wherever we are,
whatever we are doing,
we can share about the inheritance
that is reserved for us.
Share the joy! 

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?



  1. Love your post - the words you have written (which are so encouraging) and the pictures you have painted - what a wonderful talent you have and inheritance you have to pass on to others.

    Thank you for linking up with Scripture Sunday... it is a real pleasure to host your link :D

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog

    I am so glad you did! I've NEVER seen a blog like yours- it's beautiful! You have so many options on here for bloggers, and a ton of giveaways.

    I can't wait to show my creative 8 yo daughter your artwork.

  3. That is one of the aspects we must always remember... no matter where we live or where we are -- even if our enemy put us there -- God will use us to redeem others, or bring health and healing into their lives.

    A present example. My Christian brother-in-law driving a company truck accidentally struck a young teen-aged girl in Alaska. He is in prison now, and will be for another year. In the few months he has been behind bars, he has brought two of his convict acquaintances to the Lord and encouraged many others. He has received forgiveness from her family. MUCH has happened on both sides of this horrible event.. but our Father is NOT letting it be a pile of spiritual death, but spiritual healing. He is the only One we can truly trust in our every-day good and evil occurrences.

  4. Hello, Ma'am Patsy! Kumusta po? :-) I got to your blog through Hear It On Sunday, Use It On Monday and I'm so glad I did! Your art is beautiful and you have such a wonderful, close-knit family.

    And thank you for reminding me that whatever our status in life, God will always have a way to make us His instruments to bless other people's lives.

    God bless po :-)

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I am excited to start following yours! I enjoyed this post about Paul, I truly enjoy reading how he encouraged the new testament churches and believers everywhere to this day! And the verse in the first photo above has been very inspiring to me! I hope you get a chance to join Taste Truth Tuesday link-up tomorrow on to share some more of what God is teaching you! It is amazing how God uses believers to encourage each other! Iron sharpens Iron! Keep up the great writing!

  6. though i can relate to st. peter more, i've always admired st. paul too.

    thanks for the great reminder!

  7. Such creative artwork and good thoughts.

  8. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Thank you for including those of us who are growing older and feel less able. You have reminded me that I am still useful to God at no matter what stage of life I am in. May He guide us into His fields for harvesting. I pray, ~ linda

  9. I like what linda said above me, about growing older and feeling less able. Yet, as long as God leaves us here, He has a purpose for us. I loved your emphasis on sharing our inheritance! Such a great way to look at what we should be doing. Just to know that He has a purpose for my life today is wonderful in and of itself! Thank you for this! (And I love your artwork!)

  10. Congratulations Patsy - you are featured this week at Inspire Me Monday!

    You inspire me every week, but this week's post really spoke to my heart. My husband and I had just had a discussion about Paul and your journal entry revealed a side of him I had never considered before!

    Thanks for sharing your heart each week on your blog! I always look forward to my visits here!

    Create With Joy

  11. What a delightful place, Heartworks!
    I’ll be back time and again to view your colorful art.
    Following you with great pleasure ;-)
    ~ Richest Blessings~

  12. Paul's letters have always inspired, encouraged and taught me, from both a spiritual and an ethical perspective. I chose First Corinthians as one of the readings at my wedding many years ago, not because it was "the thing to do" at weddings, but because his words stated so clearly what I wanted my marriage and relationship with my husband to be. Your portrait is one of the most wonderful depictions of Paul that I've seen. It speaks so purely of his calling to serve Our Lord. Thanks so much for sharing it! Have an awesome day! ~Mary


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