Friday, May 11, 2012

Paint Party Friday: Love One Another

I like carving my own stamps using 
erasers I buy from the bookstore.

I use the stamps to make backgrounds like this.
It's a lot of fun, and I don't need to think!
Or maybe I do-
I need to think like a kid,
and just ENJOY myself!

I used a piece of background for 
my journal page.
John 15:9 says that just as 
the Father loves Jesus,
so also does Jesus love us!
That is an amazing love,
faithful and forgiving,
working to bring us to heaven,
our true home!

Further down the same chapter, 
in verse 17, Jesus exhorts us
to love one another.
We love because He first loved us!

Would you like to help me get my art
into the big screens in
Times Square, New York City?
and click on "Collect Me".
I just need 77 votes!
Thank you!

That's one way of showing me love!

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  1. I think you should link up your wonderful journal pages to my Random Journal Day Link Up! Love your work!

  2. Beautiful artwork! I love the way you link Bible verses to the art.

  3. Hi Patsy! "Love One another" is pretty. Are you selling it? Will be visiting Art Takes Times Square to vote for you!


  4. Voted for you Patsy! Good luck and happy mother's day :)

  5. These are so lovely!! "Love one another" stirs my soul!!

  6. So pretty Patsy! I especially love the "Love one another"

  7. this is looking so lovely and fresh... always a joy to see your work..xx

  8. Wow,these are wonderful.

  9. Just voted for you and hope you win. I love seeing the things you post each week, and I love the eraser idea...I may give it a try although I'm much less talented than you. I'd love to have you join my newer link up called Bless and Be Blessed on
    It should be open by the time you read this (I'm in Europe so it's later here)
    God bless you,

  10. I always wanted to try and carve my own stamps. I've read about special supplies but couldn't find them here. Never thought of just using erasers. What a clever idea! Your stamps look beautiful, as do your pages!

  11. Love your eraser stamps and how you use them. Both terrific pieces. Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. So glad you linked, so I can come by and look again! Truly INSPIRING! Thank you Patsy for linking and sharing. I am blessed by your creativity!

  13. Such unique and beautiful art you create! So neat that you make your own stamps from erasers :) I voted and wish you well in this competition. Thank you for linking to Think on These Things!

    Kindly, Lorrane

  14. As always, I love your artwork and post. I voted for you and wish you much luck. I'd love for you to link up to my page today. Thanks.

  15. Your illustrations to the scriptures are always beautiful, Patsy. I am so impressed with your hand carved stamps! Beautiful.

  16. Lovely pages and great to see how you get those vibrant and interesting backgrounds!

  17. Beautiful painting and great stamps. :) I've been carving my stamps out of erasers, too. :)

  18. fun art. I also like your flowers with the button centers! HPPF!

  19. Fabulous journal pages. Beautiful textures, colors and messages!

  20. You carve the stamps so well and create beautiful artwork ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^ ~

  21. I especially like the John15:9 girl. Lovely background and composition and face! Must be because she is loved:-)

  22. Your stamp collection is amazing. Beautiful work!! Happy PPF

  23. I think it's great how you make your own stamps, the backgrounds you create are wonderful!

  24. Hi Patsy! You have inspired me to go carve some stamps of my own!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy PPF...

  25. Great eraser tip, I've never thought of using them as stamps. Your art is so pretty! I love it! Happy PPF!

  26. I love hand carved stamps. I rarely take the time, but I am feeling like I should now. Wonderful!

  27. Love, Love, Love your stamps...I had always wanted to make some but felt too lazy...I have to make it one of these days! Each and every work here looks so beautiful.

  28. just lovely...those stamp ideas are

  29. Wonderful pieces!! Happy PPF!

  30. Thanks for linking up to Bible Love Notes, Patsy. I love having your beautiful posts as part of it. I'm praying your week is especially blessed. I think I got my email on my google account too. : ) thanks.

  31. Wonderful works of love Patsy! I like carving stamps too! :) I clicked on the 'collect me' to vote for you and a blank page then came up... I hope that it worked! Good luck!

  32. Beautiful art work and lovely words!

  33. You are amazing. Love the stamps and backgrounds. I follow Christ's command in loving you!

  34. Patsy - Congratulations. You won a set of scripture cards on my linky party Scripture Thursday. Please drop me a note with your mailing address and I'll send them out to you. Thanks. ~ Abby


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