Friday, September 30, 2011

No Name Yet

This is one work I started without any
theme in mind, no bible verse, no quotation.
The starting point was
Michelle Ward's Crusade this month.
So now, my dilemma is...
...what do I call this piece?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of Typhoons and Saints

The Philippines was buffeted by Typhoon Pedring
(international name Nesat)
leaving a lot of devastation in its wake.
My desk today looks like it was
affected by the storm,
but that is mere rumor.
I was not able to do anything on my desk yesterday
as we did not have electricity and my craft room was so dark
and gloomy due to the rain clouds.
Today is the Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz,
our first Filipino saint,
and I chose to draw him on my journal.
Poor San Lorenzo, 
he is beset by bags under his eyes!
But that is the least of his problems!
San Lorenzo was martyred for his faith.
He was asked: "If we let you live, 
will you renounce your faith?"

And Saint Lorenzo Ruiz answered:
"That I shall never do because I am a Christian
and I shall die for God,
and for Him I will give many thousands of lives
if I had them.
And so do with me as you please."

He and his companions in Japan 
were tortured, hung by their feet and 
submerged in water, 
needles pressed between their fingernails, 
beaten, etc.
He died professing His love for God.

I pray that none of us will be tested like that,
but that in our daily lives, 
we may find the strength and courage to follow God,
to be His disciples.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disappearing Act

Michelle Ward's Crusade this month is 
a pretty good technique.
I decided to try it on one of my stock backgrounds.
This is what came out.
I know! I know!
The colors didn't match so well!
I applied it on the whole background.
It looked like a rich brocade wallpaper.
So I got inspired to make a face...
and added a body.
Still not yet finished as I had to leave.
My son wanted to watch a dance competition,
so I did a disappearing act! 
Family calls! 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let your light shine!

Doesn't look like my desk changes from week to week, does it?

Here is the entry in my journal this morning.
In the Philippines, tax collectors are known to
have an open drawer in their desk
for people to put bribe money into.
In Jesus' day, tax collectors were "sinners" too!
But before we judge anyone, we should first look at 
our own life!
Luke 6:42 reads:
"First remove the log in your own eye
and when you see clearly enough,
remove the speck from your neighbor's eye."
All of us have our own things to deal with!
We should just persevere in the faith,
be firmly grounded and stable!
Let us look for ways to encourage others,
build up their hope,
and be a light to our neighbors!

Let your light shine! 

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