Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of Typhoons and Saints

The Philippines was buffeted by Typhoon Pedring
(international name Nesat)
leaving a lot of devastation in its wake.
My desk today looks like it was
affected by the storm,
but that is mere rumor.
I was not able to do anything on my desk yesterday
as we did not have electricity and my craft room was so dark
and gloomy due to the rain clouds.
Today is the Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz,
our first Filipino saint,
and I chose to draw him on my journal.
Poor San Lorenzo, 
he is beset by bags under his eyes!
But that is the least of his problems!
San Lorenzo was martyred for his faith.
He was asked: "If we let you live, 
will you renounce your faith?"

And Saint Lorenzo Ruiz answered:
"That I shall never do because I am a Christian
and I shall die for God,
and for Him I will give many thousands of lives
if I had them.
And so do with me as you please."

He and his companions in Japan 
were tortured, hung by their feet and 
submerged in water, 
needles pressed between their fingernails, 
beaten, etc.
He died professing His love for God.

I pray that none of us will be tested like that,
but that in our daily lives, 
we may find the strength and courage to follow God,
to be His disciples.

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  1. I'm so glad the devastation on your workdesk was self-inflicted, and not the result of the typhoon, Patsy! - and that you managed to escape unscathed. Loved your post. We all need to hope that our faith isn't tested to that degree. Most of us have it so easy, don't we. The state of the church here in the UK is so dreadful these days that some people think that a good dose of persecution is what's needed to wake it up... God bless you, happy WOYWW and keep safe.

  2. Glad you weren't hit by the typhoon devestation! Still your desk was hit by a big typhoon! Ha, ha.....Thank you for telling us about San Lorenzo, learning about saints and their lives is always so interesting to me!

  3. Interesting post Patsy and I'm happy the typhoon has passed leaving a little one to deal personally with your desk!
    It's good that San Lorenzo Ruiz is not forgotten, thanks to people like you telling us of his faith and struggles.
    Love JoZarty x

  4. A self inflicted typhoon...too cute! Fun stuff can be found on that desk I'm sure! Pop Art Minis

  5. thank goodness the typhoon spared you... although I have to agree...erm... the desk...mmm, bit windswept perhaps lol I love the saying on the girl... that is something I am gonna share with my beloved :O)) TFS

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to San Lorenzo Ruiz and I pray that none of us are tested like him either. What a man of faith. Thank you for telling us about him.
    Hugs and blessings to you,

  7. Ah but your desk is small, that's why it's cluttered! A typhoon - my word, are you ordered to stay indoors at home for those? Lov eyour canvas, agaiN!

  8. Busy desk, lovely heartfelt works of art!! Keep smiling and creating

  9. I, too, hope that I am never tested in such a way, and yet, at the same time, I want my faith to be strong enough that nothing in this world could keep me from Him.

  10. Hi Patsy,

    Good thing the your workspace didn't get hit...imagine the real mess Awesome creations.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing,

    xoxo Marjo #30

  11. glad you are safe. Across the waters here in SA we also had a power failier, but not because of the weather, just human error I think!

  12. Hope the typhoon has died down and you weren't too badly affected. Thanks for sharing your work space this week, I enjoyed reading your post. Happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #73

  13. Glad to hear you were kept safe in the typhoon. Loved reading your post, very intereseting :)

  14. Good to hear that you are okay after the typhoon. Keep safe my friend!
    Amazing journaling here as always! You are so very talented!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and for putting up a link in your sidebar! You are entered twice!!

  15. I got a late start yesterday because I fell asleep before I could link up with Julia. Now I'm just trying to catch up. Sorry I'm so late. Had I known you were in a typhoon, I would have been here sooner. Loved your post and the previous one, too. Looks like a great crusade.

  16. Love a messy desk - it's not really messy just creative.

  17. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  18. Happy WOYWW day to you, Patsy. I enjoyed reading your post, and glad to hear that the storm has passed over even if your desk looks as though it got a direct hit :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #75


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