Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't Complain!

Here's my desk and environs
early this morning,
taken after I finished coloring Moses in my journal.

And here is Moses.
In the book of Numbers in the bible,
the Israelites were complaining about their situation,
and God sent fiery serpents against them.
Obviously, COMPLAINING is a great sin!
It's really ungratefulness.
But immediately when the people repented,
God instructed Moses to set a serpent on a standard
so that whoever gets bitten and looks at it,
he shall live and not die.

So too we, when we look at 
Jesus on the cross,
and believe in Him,
we have everlasting life!
May we ALWAYS be grateful for God's gifts,
and not complain!

Last Saturday, I led a Creativity Workshop
for a priest from Myanmar,
missionary sisters from Sri Lanka, Korea,
Indonesia and the Philippines.
I reminded them of what happened in Genesis.
After God created the earth, the animals, 
etc., He said, "It is very good!"
He gave this gift of creativity to man
because He enjoyed Himself sooo much.
During the sharing afterwards,
they said they were so happy!
They shared in our Father's joy
of creativity!

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  1. I wish I moaned a whole lot less about silly stuff - it's a woman thing! Workshop looks great and I'm sure it was a welcome break and wonderful time for them. Thanks for sharing today! Sarah (at 2)

  2. It looks like they had fun and took home mini canvas masterpieces! Well done to you.

  3. Your desk is so tiny yet you create such wonderful works! Your class looks as though it went very well.

  4. The happiness and love shines out of all their faces in the last photo - they obviously enjoyed themselves very much! xx

  5. Oh wow what a gorgeous creative chaos.
    So wonderful.
    Happy WOYWW. Sandy #1

  6. Looks like you had fun at the workshop. So nice of you to keep them busy and reative. :)

  7. wonderful workshop...isn't it amazing how God uses the creativity in all of us...

  8. Arent workshops fun - they look like they had a good time.

  9. Creativity makes such a huge difference in the world if only we let it

  10. Looks like they all enjoyed your workshop. Don't you just love people's faces when you lead them to create something?
    Thank you so much for your prayers for the girl in my class last week. We did have a meeting and gave her a written warning, but she finally broke down and admitted that she has a problem managing her anger. She is talking to one of the teachers that she feels close to and getting guidance from her. I love teaching in a Catholic school, where we are not just allowed to care and pray for our girls, but we are encouraged to do so and each and every teacher really cares about the students.

  11. What a wonderful workshop you must have had minded people together is the best feeling.

  12. Just a quick visit this week due to illness but hope to do better next week ... thanks for sharing your desk and I hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #121

  13. Looks like an awesome workshop. Sounds like everyone loved it.

  14. What a lovely post! A timely reminder, too. I've done too much complaining today, and need to remind myself that this is a sin, and I must look to Jesus more! I so enjoy sharing in God's creativity and daily give thanks to Him for sharing that particular gift with me. What a wonderful workshop you had! All very busy and colourful and fun.

  15. The early morning light on your table is marvellous. And well done with the workshop, everyone looks really happy to be there!

  16. Loved seeing all your photos - what a happy looking class - well done! Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog. Hugs Neet x

  17. What a lovely journal :)

  18. Looks like everyone enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for sharing and popping by my desk last week (I'm playing late catch up!). Also just to let you know I am hosting a digital scrapbooking software giveaway this week if you know anyone who may like to enter, competition ends Sunday 2nd October


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