Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOYWW 77: Do you Believe in Miracles?

Here is my desk this morning.
I have to confess to not being home
most of the time
and just dumping stuff on my desk.

But I always take time to pray,
and here is my journal this morning.
For those of you who visited last week,
you know that my mother-in-law
is in a coma. We've been at her bedside,
praying, singing, talking to her and
confessing healing verses from the Bible.

Today I am happy to report some progress.
Yesterday when my mom, dad and I visited,
I started singing (in my own tune!),
"You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!"
and "Though your soul cleaves to the dust, the Word of God revives you!"
"The joy of the Lord is your strength!"
My dad said, "Keep doing that! Her foot moved!"

In the afternoon, her neuro was surprised
because she moved her neck, her two feet,
and they were able to remove her respirator for a while
and she breathed on her own.
She's still "asleep" but I am sure she will be revived by God's Word and promises!
I am filled with praise and thanksgiving!

It will be a miracle if I win
Lulu Too Much's Giveaway,
but even if I'm really busy,
I'm not too busy to join this fabulous candy.

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  1. Woohoo!
    God is good!
    What a joyous testimony and life affirming post! Thank you!
    I'll keep you and your family in my prayers sister!

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    That's wonderful news ... our God is great!

  3. Good news hope she keeps improving.Love your november 24th creation.Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex3

  4. Godo to hear good news
    Long may it continue

    mandi x

  5. Good news, that's so encouraging.

  6. Glad there is some good news. Your journal is beautiful. Bernie #11

  7. Glad to hear some good news.
    Susan xxox #12

  8. What wonderful news about your Mother-in-law. Faith can move mountains I'm sure. Sending you lots of positive vibes to help.
    A x

  9. I 'm glad for you and your family that there is good news!

  10. Hi ya
    glad to hear some improvment, sending best wishes,have great day, happy WOYWW sue,x (16)

  11. fingers crossed she makes a speedy recovery, it just goes to shw a little faith can go a long way
    C (74)

  12. I don't believe in any God but I do believe in family faith. I'm sure one or the other will bring her through. (13)

  13. Hi, wonderful news I hope the improvement continues for you all. Your journal looks very interesting sending lots of positive thoughts your way:0) xx #63

  14. Wonderful news... keep singing!
    Chrissie #5

  15. Patsy - if I was your mum in law - recovery or not, It would heal my soul to hear you sing to me every day - stay strong and loving,


  16. Hiya

    WOW God is just fabulous, I am so pleased things are improving!

    Your desk looks like mine lol

    Joey 17 xxx

  17. That's great news about your Mom. Love the journal.

  18. That is such good news for you and your family xxxx

    Your journal page is wonderful!

    Sherry (105)

  19. Glad to hear the good news. Hope her recovery is soon, it will be a slow progress but we will all pray for her. Love your creation. God Bless*24*

  20. that really is wonderful news. we really should learn to believe in miracles.
    have a wonderful wednesday.
    caroline #2

  21. Good news about your mother in law.
    I'm sure she can hear your voice and will come round soon.

  22. Years ago, when I was in Hospital with a broken leg,there was a lady moved into our ward who the nurses were sure would not make the night. Across from her was another very old lady who'd had a fall. She's never been in hospital in her life and was saying the Lords prayer over and over again, the only trouble was, she kept getting it wrong,so,would start again, this went on for hours!! Then suddenly, the lady at deaths door, sat bolt up right, flung off her covers, got out of bed,marched across to the other woman and slapped her! Then told her the RIGHT words, then marched back to bed! Us down the 'good' end of the ward, started ring bells, the nurses came and they would not believe us when we told them what happened. "but she can't walk or talk ..she died twice last night." They got the doctors and the physio out to her straight away,and found with help, but not on her own, she could walk...and later talk. (she had no memory of what she did!) by the end of the week she was well enough to go home..strange! So, keep it up!
    Love your journal

  23. Great news about your MIL! Keep up the Good work!
    Bless you and your family!

  24. Afternoon, Lovely exciting desk and good news too! Trying to catch up and have a nose at everyone's work areas.....thanks for sharing. Big hugs JO xxx (33)

  25. What wonderful news! In this time of thanks in the US, this is especially joyful (#8).

  26. Hello,

    Sending prayers for your mother-in-law that she is soon recovered! Your faith is strong and she has a wonderful support.

    I love your journal entries - I will be back soon to follow them back!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    Barbara Diane

  27. Keep singing and I hope then she will keep improving. With love.....

  28. Glad to hear about the improvement, keep loving and singing!

    Maarit #96

  29. Hey Patsy! I am so happy to announce that you are Exo31art's quarterly winner for some free jewelry...YEAH!!!

    Please send me your address via email when you get a chance. I will wait for about 2 weeks for a response before I choose someone else.

    Thank God for the praise report as well!!!!

    Thanks, and have a blessed day!

  30. Fabulous news - keep on praising and believing. Wishing you all much strength and hop...
    sasa 7


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