Wednesday, October 06, 2010

WOYWW 70 : Ayeesha and the Missing Vegetable Vendor

This is my table
this morning.

Unfortunately, the lady I drew last week
is missing.
She probably didn't like all the plans we had for her!
Seriously, I have no idea where she is.
So I had to start from scratch.
This is
I wanted to make a Filipino,
but of all the faces I drew, hers was the one with the most character.

Under my watercolors,
is a pile of drawings of all kinds of girls.
My son said they all look the same!

Anyway, here's to hoping Ayeesha
will be contented to stay in my canvas
and not go AWOL!

Here's my journal for today.
Sometimes it's difficult to pray,
but even in that, the Lord
helps us.

If you'd like to take a sneak peak
at what other people have on their work desk,
head over to Julia.
I guarantee you'll want to
join in on the fun!


  1. I don't think your faces all look the same. I think each one is unique and has her own personality.

    As for that dress, it is perfect. I'm working on my monthly dresses that thankfully I don't have to draw, but I love the simplicity, yet elegance of this dress.

    As for the missing vegetable vendor, may I suggest checking at Peggy's (grin).

  2. You are really clever. I think your drawings are just perfect - and all different.
    Luv Joanne xx

  3. Hi ya
    great drawings, don't look the same to me, hope the missing lady turns up, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(2)

  4. I love coming here on Wednesday and looking at the creative fun you're having--I can relate to the missing lady so much!! I wonder where she is....

  5. Hi Patsy. Your desk is always so interesting to view. Love the creativity that you share. ~Glen~

  6. I love seeing the colours mix of the dress. Cool !

  7. Those faces are all great - all individual in their own way! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (28)

  8. Love seeing your drawings - and your journal is looking good.

  9. I do hope the last one turns up for you cos I thought she was really they all are...but all are very different :-)
    A x

  10. My only tip on prayer is ... just up and listen!! Love your pretty ladies and the watercolour effects(76)

  11. Lovely!
    This week I am mostly link number 27

  12. well hun i think you are really clever as I cannot draw for toffee and really admire people who can,hugs cheyrl xxxxx

  13. they do not all look the same..they are all individual and beautiful... nice journal page, too
    sue xx 88

  14. hee hee - (I think all my faces look the same) - actually yours don't - and what your Son says? I think it just means he can see your style - it's what makes you noticable as an artist - one day that girl will show up again too...

    dx 63

  15. Well, Ayeesha looks lovely. Not sure what your son is thinking of, hope he doesn't view all girls in that light, lol!

    Have you got any drawers below your desk? Might your veggie vendor have slid into one? Make sure you let us know when she finally turns up...
    Helen (32)

  16. Your drawings are all lovely! I hope your missing girl does turn up - she probably will when you least expect it.

    Sherry (117)

  17. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Drawing is not my forte but I love you journal page. Maybe I might have to start one of those.
    x Tricia(65)

  18. Annoying to lose things - I am sure the replacement will be just as lovely.

  19. Your drawings are amazing and I don't think they look the same. hope you find your missing lady soon!

    A.x (22)

  20. Lovely work - every face is differnt - funny that the veg lady went - I was awaiting her new look!

    Have fun,

    Sarah (sasa 18)

  21. Aren't children wonderful - lol, on the other hand my kids think I look the same whether I am all dolled up or just got out of bed so that has to be a plus! Love Ayeesha :)
    Sarah #60

  22. I'm always losing things on my desk...just have to accept that thry have a life of their own and have moved out!! Pam (21)

  23. Keep up the great art work it really is fantastic! #58!! have a happy Woyww!

  24. Thanks for visiting my desk this week, I use the paper stumps with metal embossing.

    Love all your drawings.

    Dee (38)

  25. Looking forward to seeing Ayeesha completed! Enjoy the unique personality in all your "girls" and wondering if the missing gal made another appearance yet?

  26. I love your work! What a joy to visit your blog!

  27. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Hhm, are you sure the missing gal hasn't popped in to say hello to your sister? All of your drawings are great and each one is subtly different.

    Brenda 105

  28. Ayeesha is beautiful...and so are all the other faces - and to me they are all different - i guess we really do see everything differently. God luck with the next canvas stage.

  29. Really interesting artwork, thanks for sharing.
    JoZarty x (33)
    Don't miss my blog candy!

  30. The faces all look different to me. Lovely artwork, thanks for sharing your space.

  31. Fabulous paintings and I wonder where the lady has gone?

    Hope she turns up son. :)

  32. I am always amazed at those who can draw AND watercolor. Watercolor usually ends up looking like a mud puddle when I work with it. You are very talented - and I don't think they all look alike :)

  33. Love the picture of the paints, all the colors look delicious!

    Great drawings too :)

  34. Fabulous drawings

    Hope lady turns up safe and well soon
    Until next time
    mandi xx

  35. Your drawings are gorgeous. Each one is quite unique and all the details are so lovely.
    Enjoy the day and make more such fab art!

    Gaby xo


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