Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOYWW: Miracles

What's on my desk today?
Here is a small part of it.
Everything else is dark as it is quite early
in the morning.
You can see my pencils, brushes
and little pots of paint.
I really have to learn
how to put things back in their places
so I have more room to work!!!

This morning I read about how Elijah
challenged the false prophets of Baal
to prove who is the real God!

Why don't we have fire and brimstone
prophets like Elijah today?
chapter 18, God's fire rained down
 and consumed the bull, the wood, 
the stones, even the water in the trench 
around the holocaust!

In the 17th chapter,
when he asked a widow who had 
nothing but oil and flour,
to provide for him,
Elijah said,
"Do not be afraid."
True enough, the oil and flour 
lasted a whole year!

I am sure God can do 
the same miracles today,
and sometimes He does,
but we have only to read His Word
and ask Him to show Himself to us
for us to experience Him!

Last post, Dawn asked me
how many paintings I make in a day or week.
I draw on my journal every day.
This is so I can remember what
I read and prayed about.
They are really mini paintings,
just the size of a small sketchbook.
Then there are some paintings in progress,
some commissioned,
and some I do because I love to paint! 

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. your creative talent always blows me away.

  2. Love your illustrations, and your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! :))

  3. wowser I love how you've distressed the photo digitally
    Bridget #13

  4. Inspirational as ever!
    Happy WOYWW, Helen 3.

  5. What you're really saying to Dawn is - 'I'm a prolific artist' but you're too modest to say it yourself! Soon as I saw your journal this morning, I knew we were talking fire and brimstone...don't see a lot of solid red in your work generally!

  6. Beautiful journal pages! Very inspirational too! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #42

  7. As always an inspirational post. Fab pics too. Take care & have a good time snooping the WOYWW desks of the world ! Zo xx 55

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Beautiful pages

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #12

  9. Morning Patsy. I see you are suffering from the ever decreasing work space syndrome today! And still you manage to make something beautiful! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

  10. Love to come here and visit. Its like reading my own illustrated Bible.
    Happy WOPYWW

  11. I used to have a place for everything, but once everything got out of place it became more difficult to remember where it was meant to go! Really need a clearout but it's never the right time, lol
    Helen S #23

  12. It is best to acknowledge our maker everyday! I love your dedication, it is truly an inspiration. #99

  13. Wow! I love your artwork! Very cool! Visiting from Good Morning Girls. :)

  14. Gorgeous art work as always... have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#20

  15. I can really appreciate the fact that you draw about what you read in the bible, it gives you a chance to meditate on what you read and probably helps you to remember it better too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. Patsy, your journal pages are beautiful. I love your artwork and how illustrating your bible readings helps you remember what you read and prayed about. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us at Word Art Wednesday.

  17. Sometimes I think leaving all the stuff out and trying to make do with the small space you've left yourself is half the fun. But I do know that sometimes you end up with no space for you. I wondered if you did your journal every day. I'm impressed you do and have time for other things as well. I'm considering cloning myself so I can have more time.

  18. This is such a beautiful story told through your art, and I am SO grateful to you from sharing this wonderful creation from your heart. God is shining and speaking through your beautiful art. Thanks for sharing it with us in this week's challenge at Word Art Wednesday. We greatly appreciate your continued participation and support.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  19. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Your art is beautiful and really captures the spirit of the stories and the lessons you are learning! I've always thought that might be a fun and creative way to journal what I'm reading in God's Word. Sometimes these things evade words. ;) Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration!

  20. Fabulous pages, thanks for sharing x
    Sophie #68

  21. I don't minmd having a "messy" work desk like yours if I can draw or even mini paint on a daily basis! You are so talented and a great inspiration as always!

    Spanish Pinay

  22. nice paintings! That is so cool that you draw something everyday along with what you are reading! Valerie #26

  23. Lovely inspiring journal entries Patsy, you are a lovely lady and we all enjoy visiting you so much.
    Hugs, Neet '59 x

  24. Patsy, How did I miss this? I so enjoy your posts and try to see each one. I really love your creativity. ANd then I find you have a sister and I was thinking that there were so much similarities...Now please, I am humbly asking you to link this up with RJD this week (or any of yours of course- but I like that you answered my question and it may be of helpful for others to hear and see different , ne ways to journal and pray! I so want to do the WOYW- I took a picture of my desk...I love to create but am not as artistic as some of the entrants. I love the creative community you have led me to, my friend!

  25. I love the sincerity of your entries. Blessings!

  26. Your desk looks like mine. :o) Your journal page is beautiful and I love how you take what you've read in your Bible and bring it to life. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your art at WAW too. It's a blessing to have you share each week.

    Have a great day!

  27. Ok is your desk getting smaller or is the stash growing, love your illustrations in your journal.

    Have a great crafting week
    Eliza #65

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  28. This is so beautifully made. Love how you've done this!! You are really blessed to create these things.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your art on WAW this week!



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