Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WOYWW: Strip Ease

I've been following
Michelle Ward's
GPP Street Team
monthly creativity crusades
for some time now.
Her project ideas are great
and I always intend to do them,
but keep forgetting
with all the things that get in the way.
This month's crusade
is Strip Ease.
We're supposed to collect paper
from our stash,
tear into strips,
and attach to our page.
This is great
cause we get to use
(You might notice the candle-
we had a brownout
for a while
and I worked by
My husband left to buy me a
Caramel Frapuccino!
Here's the
journal cover.Thought I'd share
what I read from the Bible
this morning
about not being
I used torn strips of paper too
for the face and background.

If you'd like to take a sneak peak
at what other people have on their work desk,
head over to Julia.
I guarantee you'll want to
join in on the fun!


  1. Gorgeous, love those strips!

  2. It't been awhile since I've been to Michelle's blog. This would be my kind of challenge. I love the results you got, too. I'm really trying to work with those colors right now, too.

    Did you draw the face? You are SO talented.

  3. Ooo I like that torn strips idea - might use that in my art journal! Nice to see the bible quotes too - you've got quite a witness going on there, and I loved visiting your desk.

  4. Hi

    oh I absolutely love those torn strips they look so effective!


  5. Love the colours of the paper (Im been drawn to blues and teals a lot lately), and the end result is beautiful.

  6. MMM Starbucks :)
    Nice way to use your left-overs and bits and bobs of ready to throw away scraps
    ** Evi **

  7. More fab journalling!

  8. Ooh, I like those pages - great idea and one I may well try later this afternoon if it doesn't stop raining here in the North West of the UK! Love your creative desk and love your work, too!

  9. What fab effects from just a few strips of paper. Really lovely.
    A x

  10. beautiful work - extremely eye catching

  11. wow your journal cover is amazing, adore the blues!

    great snoop, thanks! hugs mandyxx

  12. Love your cover, its turned out beautifully, the flower is great. Great colours. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x

  13. oho this is brilliant, I love all your ripped pages, it does make them look really arty! Caramel Frapuccino?!? That does sound good, have to remember that one for next time I'm in a Starbucks...

  14. great cover, you should make an inspiration board to hang up, put all the ideas on there where you can see them and not forget them. Its been a long time since we had a powercut, I have a wind up torch for such emergencies, though a candle is much prettier.

  15. Hi Patsy! Thanks so much for the sweet visit to my place! Just took a tour of your place. Such a lovely site..and your work is FABULOUS! I especially love the journals! Will visit you again soon!


  16. Beautiful work as usual Patsy. I love your journal pages. TFS. ~Glen~

  17. Patsy, I could look at your art all day. I love your style. The way you share the word of Christ in your art is awesome. You are an inspiration!

  18. I'm getting more and more inspired here, you're so talented!

  19. Beautiful work as always - love the strips!


  20. The strip idea works very well in your hands. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE your handwriting?

  21. I didn't realize that I already follow you! I don't think I am showing anybody my art space today... maybe another day. torn strips are a great idea - thanks.

  22. Hi Patsy! I wanted to let you know that I received your giveaway treat. It's beautiful! Thank you so much! Can't wait to get it framed. I will be sharing it on my blog shortly. Love your journal cover and bible inspiration. Your work is magical! Thanks again!

    Lisa :)

  23. thanks for sharing your "strip ease" project...the colors are great!

  24. Greetings from Iowa! Just found your lovely blog through Pam Garrison's blog! Cool! Will be back again soon! Cheers to you!

  25. That's such a beautiful journal, great piece of work.

  26. I just found you from Kelly's blog and I am so glad I did. I can't wait to explore your blog further to gain even more inspiration from it!

  27. Your work really is beautiful!


I am so glad you dropped by! You are a blessing!
:^) Patsy